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Welcome to L. C. Wang Press! L. C. Wang Press has published the following items:
  1. Anthology of Chinese Literary Essays (translated into English), 2001
  2. Anthology of Chinese Poetry (translated into English)
    1. Before the Tang Dynasty
    2. The Tang Dynasty
    3. The Song Dynasty
  3. Chinese Philosophy, Art, Life, and Mathematics
  4. Analytic Functions with Mathematical Philosophy
  5. Number Theory with Its Mathematical Philosophy [Summary; View the Book (Part 1, Part 2)]
  6. The Philosophy of Mechanics in Hypertext
  7. Videos in Chinese and E-books in English about Important Discoveries in Mathematics and Physics
  8. L. C. Wang's Opinions
  9. L. C. Wang's Poems
  10. L. C. Wang's Papers
  11. L. C. Wang's Literary Publications
  12. L. C. Wang's Album

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