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Anthology of Chinese Poetry Written in the Tang Dynasty (translated by Li-Chung Wang)

  1. Singing for a Cicada While in Prison(駱賓王)
  2. Sending Tu off to Assume His Office(王勃)
  3. Inscription on the Wall of the Post North of Da-yu Mountain(宋之問)
  4. Doesn't Anyone See?(沈佺期)
  5. The Song of Ascending to the Platform of You City(陳子昂)
  6. Going Home(賀知章)
  7. Moonlit River in Spring(張若虛)
  8. To Ming-Fu Liu When I Ascended to the Platform for Watching Gods on the Ninth Day(崔曙)
  9. Peach Flower Creek(張旭)
  10. Epiphanies(張旭)
  11. Ascending the Stork Tower(王之渙)
  12. Going Out of the Fortress(王之渙)
  13. Letter from Chang-An to a Distant Friend(孟浩然)
  14. Dawn in Spring(孟浩然)
  15. The Invitation to the Mountain House of Taoist Mei(孟浩然)
  16. Visiting the Farm of My Friend(孟浩然)
  17. To My Old Friends in Yang City While I Stayed Overnight in a Boat on the Tong-Lu River(孟浩然)
  18. Farewell to Wei Wang
  19. Thoughts in the Early Winter
  20. Climbing Lan Mountain in the Autumn to Commune with Fifth Chang(孟浩然)
  21. I Miss My Friend, Hsin-Ta, at the Southern Gazebo on a Summer Day(孟浩然)
  22. In a Temple's Guest Chamber I Waited for Ting-Ta, But He Did Not Come(孟浩然)
  23. Watching the Lingering Snow on Zhong-nan Mountain(祖詠)
  24. Looking at Ji Gate From a distance(祖詠)
  25. To My Colleagues in the Two Departments While I Attend the Morning Meeting at Da Ming Palace(賈至、王維)
  26. The Deer Stockade(王維)
  27. Seeing off(王維)
  28. Red Beans(王維)
  29. Miscellaneous(王維)
  30. The Song of the Autumn Night(王維)
  31. Mountain Life at Sunset in Autumn(王維)
  32. My Return to Song Mountain(王維)
  33. Replying to City Official Chang(王維)
  34. Passing by Xiang-Ji Temple(王維)
  35. Seeing Prefect Li off to Zi City(王維)
  36. Retiring on Zhong-Nan Mountain(王維)
  37. Written at My Summer House during a Rainy Season(王維)
  38. Farewell(王維)
  39. The Daughter of Lo-yang City(王維)
  40. The Old General(王維)
  41. The Springhead in a Blooming Peach Grove(王維)
  42. Farewell to My Guest at the Lotus Tower(王昌齡)
  43. The Lament in a Boudoir(王昌齡)
  44. The Lament in the Spring Palace(王昌齡)
  45. The Lament in Chang-xin Palace(王昌齡)
  46. Out of the Fortress(王昌齡)
  47. Lack of Title(劉慎虛)
  48. Night Thoughts(李白)
  49. Lamenting on the Jade Steps(李白)
  50. Down to City J(李白)
  51. A Fresh and Peaceful Melody(李白)
  52. Seeing My Friend off(李白)
  53. Nostalgia During a Night Mooring at Niu-zhu Mountain(李白)
  54. Descending Mountain Zhong-nan, Staying Overnight in the House of Mountain Hermit Hu-si Who Had Set out Wine(李白)
  55. Drinking Alone beneath the Moon(李白)
  56. Long Pole Lane(李白)
  57. The Ballad of Lu Mountain Sent to Censor Lu(李白)
  58. Farewell to Uncle Yun at Xie-tiao Tower in Xuan-zhou City(李白)
  59. Climbing Shu Path Is Difficult(李白)
  60. Longing(李白)
  61. A Difficult Journey(李白)
  62. Please Drink Wine(李白)
  63. Long Pole Village(崔顥)
  64. Seeking Taoist Chang by the Southern Creek(劉長卿)
  65. Written on New Year's Day(劉長卿)
  66. Farewell to Deputy Ministers Sixth Xue and Eighth Niu in Jing County(劉長卿)
  67. Visiting Yi Jia's Home in Chang-sha City(劉長卿)
  68. To Advisor Yang at Gu-Kou Study(錢起)
  69. Meeting Gui-nian Li South of the Yangtze River(杜甫)
  70. The View in Spring(杜甫)
  71. The Moonlit Night(杜甫)
  72. I Was on Duty on a Spring Night(杜甫)
  73. Thinking of Bai Li at Qin City(杜甫)
  74. Saying Good-bye to the Tomb of Fang(杜甫)
  75. My Feelings during a Night of Travel(杜甫)
  76. When the Guest Arrives(杜甫)
  77. Climbing High(杜甫)
  78. Ascending a Tower(杜甫)
  79. The Night in an Attic(杜甫)
  80. Expressing My Feelings About Historic Sites Through Five Verses (I)(杜甫)
  81. Expressing My Feelings About Historic Sites Through Five Verses (II)(杜甫)
  82. Expressing My Feelings About Historic Sites Through Five Verses (III)(杜甫)
  83. Expressing My Feelings About Historic Sites Through Five Verses (IV)(杜甫)
  84. Expressing My Feelings About Historic Sites Through Five Verses (V)(杜甫)
  85. To Hermit Eighth Wei(杜甫)
  86. Viewing General Cao's Painting "Nine Horses" at Feng Wei's Mansion(杜甫)
  87. Paintings (To General Ba Cao)(杜甫)
  88. The Ancient Cypress Tree(杜甫)
  89. Soldiers and Chariots(杜甫)
  90. Beautiful Women's Picnic(杜甫)
  91. Lament at the River Bank(杜甫)
  92. Quatrain (I)(杜甫)
  93. The Moonlit Night(杜甫)
  94. To Tax Collectors After the Enemy's Withdrawal(元結)
  95. The Drunken Song on Stone Fish Lake (with Its prologue)(元結)
  96. Farewell to Xing-zong Cui(裴迪、王維、崔興宗)
  97. I Met the Messenger on His Way to the Capital(岺參)
  98. Letter to Fu Du(岺參)
  99. Sending General Feng off at the River of Galloping Horses as He Led Troops Westward to Battle(岺參)
  100. A Song at Lun T'ai to Send General Feng Westward to Battle(岺參)
  101. The Backyard of the Temple of Good Fortune(常建)
  102. The Cold Food Day(韓翃)
  103. Response to Yan Cheng's Poem "The Autumn Night"(韓翃)
  104. Writing Together on the Temple Where Gods Visit(韓翃)
  105. Farewell to Shen Han at Yun-yang Post(司空曙)
  106. I Am Glad That My Cousin Lun Lu Visits Me(司空曙)
  107. I Go to Visit Hung-Chien Lu, But Do Not Find Him(僧皎然)
  108. A Word From the Palace(顧況)
  109. Fishermen(張志和)
  110. Seeing Cao Li off in the Night Rain(韋應物)
  111. Letter to Hermit Ch'iu on an Autumn Night(韋應物)
  112. The Western Creek at City C(韋應物)
  113. Along the Huai River I Am Glad to Meet My Friend From Liang City(韋應物)
  114. Letter to Tan Li(韋應物)
  115. Letter to Editor Da Yuan Written When I Departed on the Yangtze Waterway(韋應物)
  116. To the Taoist on Quan-jiao Mountain(韋應物)
  117. At the Capital I Go to Meet Zhu Feng(韋應物)
  118. I Arrived at Xu Yi County(韋應物)
  119. Giving My Daughter Away to the Yang Family(韋應物)
  120. Listening to the Zither(李端)
  121. Four Songs at the Foot of the Great Wall(盧綸)
  122. Farewell to Duan Li(盧綸)
  123. Docking at City E for the Night(盧綸)
  124. The Melody of the Land South of the Yangtze River(李益)
  125. I Am Glad to Meet You, My Cousin, But We Must Go Our Separate Ways(李益)
  126. The Song of a Traveling Son(孟郊)
  127. Night Docking at the Maple Bridge(張繼)
  128. Mountain Rocks(韓愈)
  129. To Lieutenant Zhang on the night of August 15th(韓愈)
  130. An Inscription on the Wall of Heng Mountain Shrine to Pay Homage to Its Patron God(韓愈)
  131. The Song of Stone Drums(韓愈)
  132. A River in Snow(柳宗元)
  133. Living beside Ran Creek(柳宗元)
  134. A Fisherman(柳宗元)
  135. To the Tune of "Bamboo Stalks"(劉禹錫)
  136. The Lane of Black Clothing(劉禹錫)
  137. Nostalgia at the West-Fortress Mountain(劉禹錫)
  138. Grass(白居易)
  139. To My Brothers, Sisters, and Cousins(白居易)
  140. The Song of Endless Sorrow(白居易)
  141. The Lute(白居易)
  142. The Palace of Eternal Life(張祜)
  143. Jin-Ling Pier(張祜)
  144. Venting My Grief(元稹)
  145. When Arriving at Tong Guan City, I Met Fu Wei on His Way Home(許渾)
  146. Early Autumn(許渾)
  147. Letter to Chairman Chang As the Advanced Exam Approaches(朱慶餘)
  148. Wu Mountain Is Tall(李賀)
  149. When Ping Li Plays the Lute(李賀)
  150. Climbing to the Amusement Park Before Leaving for Hu City(杜牧)
  151. Letter to Judge Ch'o Han in City Yang(杜牧)
  152. Farewell(杜牧)
  153. Golden Valley Park(杜牧)
  154. A Water Clock(溫庭筠)
  155. Sending off My Friend Who Is Returning to the East(溫庭筠)
  156. The Lament of a Jade-decorated Harp(溫庭筠)
  157. Letter to Director Ling-Hu(李商隱)
  158. Hoping to Receive(李商隱)
  159. Sui Palaces(李商隱)
  160. The Home of Gods(李商隱)
  161. Chang-e(李商隱)
  162. Yi Jia(李商隱)
  163. The Cicada(李商隱)
  164. Wind and Rain(李商隱)
  165. Fallen Flowers(李商隱)
  166. Cool Contemplation(李商隱)
  167. Bei Qing Luo(李商隱)
  168. The Ornate Zither(李商隱)
  169. Untitled(李商隱)
  170. Untitled(李商隱)
  171. Chou-Bi Station(李商隱)
  172. Untitled III(李商隱)
  173. Spring Rain(李商隱)
  174. Untitled(李商隱)
  175. Up to an Amusement Park on a Plateau(李商隱)
  176. Letter to My Wife on a Rainy Night(李商隱)
  177. The Monument Inscribed by Yu Han(李商隱)
  178. Living on the Ba Plain in Autumn(馬戴)
  179. Meditating on Ancient Times Along the Chu River(馬戴)
  180. Crossing River Han(李頻)
  181. To the Tune of "A Lotus Garland"(韋莊)
  182. Night thoughts at Zhang Balcony(韋莊)
  183. The Weather Has Been Cool(韓偓)
  184. A Complaint in Spring Palace(杜荀鶴)
  185. Writing About the Affairs on the Frontier(張喬)
  186. A Poor Girl(秦韜玉)
  187. A Lonely Wild Goose(崔塗)
  188. A Letter to Be Sent(張泌)
  189. Miscellaneous(無名氏)

Samples of Chinese Music:

  1. (Sister Rainbow)
  2. (Moonlit River in Spring)
  3. (Little Shepherd)
  4. (The Lament of Lady Zhaojun)
  5. (Tall Mountains and Flowing Water)
  6. (The Scent of Tea)
  7. (Burying Flowers)

Samples of Chinese Music:
  1. (Sister Rainbow)
  2. (Moonlit River in Spring)
  3. (Little Shepherd)
  4. (The Lament of Lady Zhaojun)
  5. (Tall Mountains and Flowing Water)
  6. (The Scent of Tea)
  7. (Burying Flowers)
Samples of Chinese Colored Drawings:
  1. Visiting a River During the Pure Brightness (a Chinese Festival)