Welcome to the Armoury. Soon, I will install some pictures of mail, plate armour, and various weapons that I'm making. Until then, you can get a pretty good idea of what my hauberk looks like from the picture at this link. It's from "The History of Costume" by Braun & Scheider.

Depicted are three soldiers from the First Crusade. You'll notice that the knight on the far right is wearing a hauberk that is constructed differently than ones you are used to seeing. This is because the sleeves have been attached differently so that the weave of the mail hangs normally like the rest of the shirt. If you're not very familiar with chain mail construction, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. I just thought it was kind of neat because I'm making my hauberk in this same pattern and had never seen any historical proof that it had ever been done before.


Make your own mail

How-to guide for mail
Another good instruction guide for making mail.

Sara's Chainmail Connection
A great site that specializes in mail construction.

Leather armour
How to make leather armour.

Guide to Wisby Plate Armour
You know, the stuff made with little plates of metal.

Construction of Armour
Lots of great armour construction links.

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