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Historical Harp Society

The name pretty much says it all.

Musicmaker's Kits Inc
They have some nice looking harp kits for about half the price of a finished harp.

The Bodhran Page
Good information about the Bodhran.

SCA Minstrel Homepage
A great source of information.

How to play the Celtic Harp
This is great stuff if you're wanting to learn to play this instrument.

The Saxon Lyre: history, construction, and playing techniques
A fine place to learn about the Saxon Lyre.

The Homepage of Dennis Havlena
This guy has quite a bit of information for instrument builders. The next two links are my favorites from his page.

How to make a $20 Hurdy Gurdy
This is pretty cool.

Adding a second melody string
How to modify your $20 instrument by adding a second melody string.

Hurdy Gurdy Adjustment
Check this out before you build one.

David Daye's Bagpipe Page
You can learn how to make your own bagpipes here.

Cariadoc's Miscellany: period sources for story-telling
Where to look if you can't seem to find any stories.

Medieval Irish Poetry
I believe this site also provides the English translation next to the original Gaelic.

Important Celtic days
Neat calendar.

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