Contrary to popular belief, a cobbler is a shoe repairman, not a shoe maker. In medieval times, the cordwainer provided his community with shoes and boots. While very few examples of early footwear have survived the test of time, some patterns have been re-constructed from illustrations in medieval art. For lack of a better place, I'm also adding some links for general leatherworking.

Footwear of the Middle Ages

A well-written guide that has some good tips on making shoes and boots.

Leathercrafters' Corner
A great site that pertains to leatherworking in the SCA...Lots of things besides shoes.

Anglo Saxon and Viking Crafts: Leatherworking
Some background history of leatherworking.

Viking Footwear
A Duffer's Guide to Viking Footwear...Whatever a "Duffer" is!

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