The Kitchen

Here are some medieval recipes that I found on the internet. The ones that I have tried turned out pretty well. Good luck!

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Cariadoc and Elizabeth's Recipes

A large selection of medieval recipes.

Historical Recipes of Different Cultures
Another excellent source.

Recipes from Kenelme Digbie, 1669
Numerous ale and mead recipes.

Christmas Brews and Spiced Beers
Brews that will warm the holiday spirit.

Menus and Recipes for a Winter Feast and A Scottish Feast
Some very good things here.

Food and Drink in Anglo-Saxon England
No recipes, but a lot of information from Regia Anglorum about how people got their food products way back then.

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
One stop shop for medieval cooking.

A lunch in the time of Richard I
"This is an attempt at a appropriate 'prandium'(1) or lunch, for the time of Richard I."

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