The Herald

A herald is someone who verbally announces or proclaims to an audience. Heraldry is the art and nomenclature of badges and coats-of-arms. Here, you will find information about both of these areas along with some instruction in the scribal arts as well.

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A Heraldic Primer

A very nice site that explains things clearly and with many visual examples.

Heraldic Glossary
A searchable glossary of terms from the SCA.

The American College of Heraldry
For a fee, you can register a unique coat-of-arms with your family name.

Heraldry for the Non-Herald
"Haroldry for the NonHarold, an Introductory Guide for the Excresence and Expulsion of Unsuitable Badgers, Gimmicks, and Contraptions; World-Wide Web Edition." A humorous site that lives up to its name.

Heraldry in the SCA
An informative guide to for use in the SCA.

Draw Your Own Celtic Knotwork
This is a great place to learn how to draw knotwork. Follow the instructions and you will be impressed!

Celtic Knots: Construction
Another knotwork guide.

References for Celtic Artwork and Related Arts
More knotwork. While knots are drawn using the same basic techinques, I recommend checking out all of the above sites, 'cause each one is a little different. That way you can find out what works best for you.

Eibhlin's Cyber-Scriptorium
Several nice photos demonstrating the work of SCA scribes.

A Guide to Field Heraldry
A large, well-written guide with the beginner in mind. Includes information on voice projection and gives examples of how to announce various events.

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