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Click on the photo for a larger version. This page contains 14 photos. Please scroll down.


Above: Paul Johnson's Venus 42 charges west in the Solent. Photo courtesy of "Great Yachts and their Designers", by Jonathan Eastland.


Above: Paul Erling Johnson in regatta mode. Photo courtesy of "Great Yachts and their Designers".


Above: Paul Erling Johnson. Ocean wanderer, yacht designer, and artist-at the tiller of his yacht Venus. Courtesy "Great Yachts and their Designers".


Above: Venus in Bermuda waters sometime in the early eighties.


Above: Taken in the early eighties. Bermuda.

Above: Paul Johnson's original 18 foot Venus, pictured in 1964. Courtesy of Bernard Moitissier.

Above: Paul Johson and daughter high above Venus in New Zealand. 1990


Above: A closeup of the old salt himself! Photo taken about 1986.


Above:Paul Johnson aboard a Venus 34.


Above: Paul aboard his latest Venus, a 38 footer, somewhere in the Caribbean. 1998.


Above: Paul aboard Venus 34 "Shadrach". The other Venus astern is the 42 footer "Great Bear". Owned and built by Glen and Anna Correia. Bermuda, 1986.


Above: Three Venus Ketches ready to put to sea. St. Georges, Bermuda, 1988.


Above: Two Venus 34's romp across the Great Sound in Bermuda. In the foreground is "Shadrach". The other 34 in the distance is "Woodwind", owned by well known artist Bruce Smith.


Above: Again we have the same two 34's, "Shadrach" and "Woodwind", but this time participating in the 1990 St. Barth's Regatta, hosted by well known St. Barth's personality Lu Lu Magras, who himself has yet another Venus 34 called "Pluto"! The other gaffer in the middle is Les Anderson's "Penelope" out of St. John, USVI.


Above: More 1990 St.Barth's Regatta action.. Venus 34 "Shadrach" in the thick of things.

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