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Click photos for a larger version. Special thanks to my good friend JOHN BARKER of Hole in the Wall Boatshop in Dockyard, Bermuda, and Bill Nash.  Without their knowledge and expertise I would probably still be building! "Take 'em easy John!"
Also a thanks to Anson Nash who was so helpful on the day we lowered the 34 from the shed to the ground.

Venus34 mold with Airex

Above: In 1980 I started building a Venus 34, that I would later name "Shadrach". This shows the spruce mold partially covered with 5/8" Airex foam. The person on the right is my brother Stephen, a farmer in upstate New York.


Above: Views from foreward and aft.


Above: My mother and grandmother survey the mold.


Above: Scurrying up and down the ladder kept a young Boden fit!


Above: Rollover! The outside laminates have been done. Once the mold is removed the inside layup starts. After all the layups were complete the keelbox was well over an inch and a half thick. The solid glass sections above the airex ended up just under a half an inch thick.


Above: We built the boat in Bermuda, and no ground floor space was available in my price range. When Paul Johnson, suggested that I build upstairs in this old shed I thought that he had been in the tropical sun too long.! As usual however Paul gave good advice and everything went smoothly, although nearly every day I would have visitors say "she'll never go through the door"!


Above: We didn't build the doghouse until after the boat went through the door! You can see why!


Above: Here my Grandma who was born in Bermuda, lived there her entire life, couldn't swim a stroke, and was over 90 when this photo was taken, is sounding the 34's hull with her umbrulla, to make sure it was strong!




Above: Mark and Hilary on launch day!



Above: Ed Brangman and Micky Moulder check the new boat out!



Above: Friends help put the spars in.


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