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This site is a tribute to the boats and their designer Paul Johnson.

Click for short video of Paul and great music by Mishka!

Paul Johnson first arrived in Bermuda in the mid-sixties. He was sailing an ancient eighteen footer that he rebuilt to cross the Atlantic. He called her "Venus", and he caused quite a stir not only in Bermuda but everywhere he went in the tiny craft.
Over the years Paul has continued to visit Bermuda. In his wake he left quite a legacy. A total of 13 boats of his design were built on that small island alone!

His boats have been built all over the world, and through the years I have met many owners/builders. They are a talented and diverse group. I have always imagined what a Venus only regatta would be like. Sadly because of distances involved etc. it never happened, and most likely never will. It is for that reason that I decided to build this site. Maybe one can think of it as a kind of "virtual regatta", and one that will never end!

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Want to charter a fully crewed Venus 42 in the West Indies? Click the picture of "Breath" below, to go to her site.





Below: Paul Erling Johnson aboard his original little 18 footer "Venus". Click photo for larger version.

Click photo for larger version.



Venus Gaff Ketch FAQ