U know ... it's been a pleasure for myself to create this image ...

I have been thinking a lot ...what should I render for my newsgroup buddies for the upcoming Christmas ? I wanted to model something with candle .. something with warm kind of feeling. But I don't have a slight idea how should a Christmas candle or a real holly leaf looks like ...(I'm a freethinker ... heheh)Finally, I modelled them out with the suit of my own imagination (duh ... I don't know if the items above are correctly modelled). But anyway, that's what it supposely turned out to be -- an image with candle ... holly leaves ... warm lighting ... and a few unnecessary stuffs to fill out the background.

Here .. check out the wireframe version of this image --> Screenshot

I modelled everything above using Rhino ... imported them into Bryce & render. Rendering time took only slightly more than 1 hour ...

So, here it is -- the image I would like to dedicate to my newsgroup buddies in tmnet.communities ;

"Merry Christmas" -- let's wish for more flame wars in the coming new century !

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