Connecticut Table Tennis - No Solicitation Policy - Your support is appreciated

  I've had a few recent questions and 'complaints' so 
 players are reminded that our club's facility providers 
 have authorized the Dave Strang,as club director,
 to regulate any 'business' type activities on facility grounds
 during club meeting days or tournaments.
   This means that without advanced explicit permission from Dave Strang,
 no one else should be conducting or promoting any business,
 service, products or activities to others or distributing any
 literature flyers or catalogs or soliciting contact information for similar
 later use. 
   Of course informal 'coaching' is encouraged but coaching for a fee 
 or use of tables for anything other than normal informal match play or
 practice also requires advance club approval as does any sale of equipment.
    Of course an ocassional sale of one of your old rackets
  to a friend isn't typically a problem. (but NOT Tables or Robots)
   And if you already use equipment purchased elsewhere that isn't a problem.
 But you'd be surprised at the wide variety of types and brands of equipment
 that are available by special arrangements through our club including;
  Donic, Yasaka, Nittaku,, Double Happinese (and more by special request).
  Just ask Dave and, besides knowing you are supporting local 
 promotion of the sport, you'll also get the best expert advise
 available in the country - based on more than 20 years of playing,
 coaching and, prior to starting club work in Connecticut, full time
 employement developing and marketing TT equipment for national 
  Providing of table tennis services or equipment is part of the service
 that the club director provides, and income from these sources has helped
 make the continuing program of providing first class club facilities 
Persons violating these or other club rules may lose playing priviledges
and would be considered as trespassing if found on facility grounds if playing
priviledges are suspended or revoked.  

Occasionally players will visit our clubs for the purpose of promoting 'competiting' playing facilities, coaches or equipment providers. I would like to encourage you to do as one of our players recently did and say what he said: " We like this club and plan on supporting it ". And please let me (Dave)know if you are approached in this way by anyone who may (hopefully) just be ignorant of our club rules. Of course if you have chances to play at work or other places in addition to our club meetings that's fine. If you want to encourage us to continue, and hopefully even expand the opportunities to play in high quality gyms with friendly partners and professional quality tables, please do what you can to support our efforts to bring our sport out of basements and backrooms and into large, well lit gymnasiums with enough tables to allow promotion and growth of the sport and a wide variety of skill levels available during each club session. Thanks - Dave p>

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