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About Qing Long

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Philosophy of Qing Long

Qing Long is the newest internationally reognized form of martial arts. It is not a combination of other arts, but a new approach to the art of fighting and not fighting . Qing Long translated means "The Pure Dragon". Qing which means pure, is a reference to the peace of ones self. The knowledg one possesses, and the wisdom one has attained. To achive this goal is the highest honor a member of the Qing Long can achive. Long which means dragon is a reference to the mythical animal that would sacrifice all for one principle... To protect. The title of the dragon is reserved for only the most true and honorable of wariors. Both of which all students of Qing long will strive to achive. With the proper desire and focus it will be achived

Qing Long is not a fighting art. Qing long is an art of not fighting. It is strictly tought that fighting outside of the ring is forbidden. However there are always times in life where one is left with no choice. In the event of such situations students of Qing Long are tought to defend. Defend until left with "no" other option than to attack. And once forced to attack, use only the necessarry force to end the conflict. Students of Qing Long do not attack to hurt, but to keep from being hurt. Qing long is all about knowledge. Knowledge of the ways of life, and the art of being. The goal is to not only teach the fundamentals of martial arts, but to teach the fundamentals of life. To help children and adults alike to understand and respect the laws of life. As in life, there are laws in Qing Long. Laws that are to be understood and followed. Also as in life breaking these laws are punished. In learning to follow the laws of Qing Long students learn to follow the laws of the world.

To achive knowledge of Qing Long would not be to achive knowledge of one art, but all arts. To know one's apponent is to add favor to ones self and enhance the probibility of victory. Ending there though would only bring a martial artist a fraction of the way to the goal. In Qing Long we not only gain knowledg of all forms of fighting styles, but explore the difference between body types and the contrast between the way those body styles move and fight. Also a student of Qing Long would learn to fight both right and left handed. As well as be trained on all terains and ground surfaces. In the end, the result would be a readiness of nearly any opponent, no matter what style they are or where it happens.

In Qing Long the most important lesson taught is to succeed with honor. To bring children and adults both to a state of mind to always desire success and live with honor. Reguardless of whether a student of Qing Long becomes a professional martial artist, or chooses another path they will succeed. They will succeed not only in what they do professionally, but they will succeed in life.