Qing Long Institute


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to send proof of rank?

No, honor is high priority in the Martial Arts community. We respect your integrity. Instructors may send copies of their certificates or a basic outline of their curriculum if they wish.

My Instructor has died or moved away, can I advance in rank?

Yes, Martial Arts ability is gained through repetitive practice. No matter which style you learn, the most important techniques are taught at the beginning. Just request the advancement.

Can I study the video and become a Black Belt?

Yes, if you learn the basics and practice with a partner, the two of you will become extremely proficient. It is all a matter of practice.

I started my own style, can I register it with the Q.L.I.

Yes, all Martial Art styles were created the same way. After reviewing an outlook of your style, and philosophies recognition of your style is accepted

Can I request that my Personal Information be kept confidential?

Yes, just request it when you send for your certificate.

How do I register with the Institute?
It is easy, send your name, rank and style and I then payment arangements can be made.

When does my certificate expire and are there annual fees?

Never, each certificate is lifetime. No, there are no hidden or annual fees. Your registration fee is used for the promotion and unification of martial arts participants, such as advertising, computer and data base management, internet hosting cost and monthly advertisements.

I have been at my rank for years, how do I advance to the next rank?

Just send in a request for your next rank, along with your registration fee of $25.