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Rank Recognition Certification

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Rank Recognition Through THE QLI
Sample photo of certificate at bottom of page

Our Rank Recognition Certificates
The Qing Long Institute issues Rank Recognition Certificates in order to raise the revenue needed for the various activities of the Q.L.I. Rank Recognition Certification constitutes membership in the association, however it only permits personal membership.  School charters are available for school affiliation.  Certificates are professionally created and personalized for you or your students. To inquire about rank recognition simply follow the contact link at the top of the page and email me with your experience style(s) and wether you are an individual or school instructor.

Jo-Kyo-Nim 1 Dan
Kyo-Sa-Nim 2 Dan
Boo-Sa-Bum-Nim 3 Dan
Sa-Bum-Nim 4 Dan
Soo-Suk-Sa-Bum-Nim 5 Dan
Kwan-Jang-Nim 6 Dan
Kwan Jang-Nim 7 Dan
Chong-Kwan-Jang-Nim 8 Dan
Chong-Kwan-Jang-Nim 9 Dan
Tae-Sa-Nim 10 Dan
Do-Joo-Nim Founder of Style/System

Sensei 1st Dan
Renshi 4th Dan
Shihan 6th Dan
Han Shi 8th Dan
Professor 9th Dan
Mei Jin 10th Dan
Shi-So Chief Instructor
Soke Founder of Art
Tai-So Grandmaster
Kai-So 1st Inheritor
Sho-Dai 1st Generation Student
(learnt directly from Grandmaster/founder)
Kai-Cho President


Male/female titles 
Si-Fu / Si-Mui Black Sash
Si Bok/Si-Di-Gui Black Sash (Senior Instructor)
Sigung/Si-Poo Black Sash (Master Instructor)
Si-Tai Gung/Si-Tai Poo Black Sash (Grandmaster Instructor)
Si-Jo Founder


Rank recognition fees
Non Member pricing
$25.00 black belt and above
$20.00 below black belt
Member pricing
$20.00 black belt and above
$15.00 below black belt
***See school charter for fees

Black Belt Certificate non member

Below Black Belt Certificate non member

Black Belt Certificate member

Below black belt certificate member

  • When submitting an order please include:
  • Name
  • Style
  • Rank
  • Date of Certification

Below is an acutal photo of The QLI rank recognition cerificates.
This is the only format approved by the United Martial Arts Association.  This certificate is authentic and recognized all over the world in all martial arts circles.