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2 June 1999

Bombing a hospital Nato calls the bombing of a hospital collateral damage. I call it a tragedy, says Robert Fisk in a really moving article.

The hi-tech barbarians by Jared Israel.

The bomb hit. I thought I was dead Eve-Ann Prentice, the BBC journalist injured in a NATO raid, describes her experience -and the exemplary hospitality offered to her by Serbs.

Clinton's war crimes Excerpt of an article by Scott McConnell in the Conformist

Belgrade zoo under the bombs Wild animals react to bombings in eerily different ways

The real Kosovo tradegy David Ramsay Steele in Liberty explores the process of the demonization of a people and exposes several NATO propaganda arguments.

A veto on DU missiles is an urgent need An appeal by Dario Fo, Nobel prize winner, and Franca Rame. Only in Italian - For a report on the appeal's content in English, read here.

NATO is playing, everyone is losing Rossiyskaya Gazeta political observer Vladimir Lapskiy analyzes the "interim results" of the war.

I also added a couple of war quotes -new additions are at the bottom of the list.

31 May 1999

Analysis of Milosevic 1989 speech Jared Israel analyses the 1989 speech by Milosevic in Kosovo Polje that allegedly marked the rise of Serbian nationalism. Speech is included.

Humanism's descent to barbarism by Prof. Carl G. Jacobsen.

War crimes law applies to US too, by Walter Rockler, former prosecutor to the Nurnberg trials.

Have we forgotten the path to peace? by Jimmy Carter, ex-President of the USA.

Impossible to talk peace with bombs falling by Victor Chernomyrdin, Russia's special envoy for Kosovo.

Health for all or for politically correct only? An appeal by Yugoslav Sociological Association.

Losing the moral war President Clinton should be ashamed of the attacks on civilians.

What this war is really about Marcus Gee on the devastation of Serbia.

Ethnic Albanians, Serbs Work Together in Power Struggle Linemen battle damage caused by NATO bombs. To many Kosovars, they are heroes, reports Paul Watson from Kosovo.

An appeal for a debate about the Balkan war [In French]. 22 leading personalities of France have signed this appeal, calling for a serious and sober debate -significantly, Le Monde and Liberation have refused to published it, and Agence France Presse published the appeal cutting the last paragraph and omitting all the names of signatories who are either ambassadors or retired militaries!

NY Times ignores violation of War Powers Act A FAIR Action Alert.

NATO propaganda war What does NATO mean by 'a good day'?

Salman Rushdie's rush to judgment In defence of Peter Handke, accused by Rushdie for 'Serbophilia'.

In defence of Pilger John Pilger's Acts of murder in Guardian was widely discussed. Mark Steel, an ex- journalist of Guardian, fired because of his anti-war stance, comments.

The deadly semantics of NATO bombings Howard Zinn analyzes the use of specific words in NATO's propaganda vocabulary.

Kosovo - the poisoned prize Analysis about DU use in Kosovo and consequences.

Diary from Belgrade Excerpts from the diary of Alexandra from Belgrade.

Two letters of Maja Two snapshots of life under the bombs.

I also added a few Greek anti-war cartoons .

26 May 1999

Kosovo "freedom fighters" financed by organized crime In this revised and updated version of his article, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky shows how KLA is sustained by organised crime with the tacit approval of the United States and its allies.

25 May 1999

Memorable quotes about the war Small anthology of what was said about this war.

Report of a visit to Belgrade Extremely important report of British Helsinki Human Rights Group mission to Belgrade, countering nearly all NATO propaganda claims about the situation in Yugoslavia.

Finding a honorable exit remarks by Jim Jatras at Cato institute conference.

"Neutrality" equals complicity. The letter of resignation of Kleanthis Grivas, Greek psychiatrist and leading social activist, from Greek section of Greenpeace in protest for the organization's "neutral" stand on the war. Crudely translated by me -those who can read Greek had better read the original.

A pompous academic ass William Dorich refutes Goldhagen's positions re collective Serb responsibility.

Networks Need to Be Skeptical of Both Sides A FAIR Action Alert on media bias.

The blind misleading the blind Edward Said accuses the western media of cowardice, prejudice and gross over-simplification in their coverage of the war in the Balkans.

War Criminal, Ally, or Both? A portrait of KLA's new military commander.

Canada's role in DU weapons Transcript of remarks by Dr. Rosalie Bertell.

21 May 1999

The Greek anti-war cartoons have been moved to a new page, reorganized and with a lot of new material added.

18 May 1999

NATO's insincere apologies by James Carroll of the Boston Globe

Thw war on TV In its war against Yugoslavia, Nato has tried to silence all debate, criticism and dissent, says Philip Hammond.

Acts of murder: until there is a revolt by journalists and broadcasters, they will continue to get away with them, warns John Pilger in the Guardian.

The war NATO wanted Diana Johnstone explains how US and NATO brought about the war.

Worse than a mistake Compelling editorial of the Independent on Sunday newspaper against this illegal war.

17 May 1999

Serbia's memories Excellent Counterpunch article by Prof. Michael Neumann, concerning Yugoslavia's history.

Walter Rockler, former prosecutor to the Nurnberg trials, scathingly condemns US aggression.

In one village, Albanian men are everywhere Paul Watson, LA Times reporter, has discovered "missing men", dispelling NATO claims.

I added a new batch of Greek cartoons about the war

16 May 1999

Regis Debray: A traveller's letter to the president of the republic (Now available also in English)

Internal German documents (decisions of local administrative courts, etc.) stating that therewas no persecution of Albanians in Kosovo before March 25, 1999.

Voices of doubt grow ever louder The Independent examines the fissures in British opinion.

An appeal from American Jews to the Green Party of Germany asking to oppose this war.

Protest the war An appeal of the Nation magazine.

Verdict against NATO 20 judges of the Greek Council of State find NATO guilty of international crimes.

A few words from our friend, the cluster bomb by Norman Solomon.

Belgrade bomb culture Account of life and cultural activities under the bombs.

Is war too complex a subject for the media to handle? Rick Salutin criticizes the way Western media are handling this war

Slant on Yugoslavia bombing A study by FAIR, the mediawatch group.

How (Not) to Cover a War: Fawn, Whitewash, Wave the Flag Norman Salomon criticizes war coverage by US media.

Lies, Damn lies and Maps Jared Israel painstakingly examines how NATO and the media misrepresented the Chinese Embassy bombing.

'It all went very well', said the general. 'Another effective day' Robert Fisk exposes some "everyday" NATO lies.

NATO, master of the world by Noam Chmosky, specially written for the Monde Diplomatique.

NATO using radioactive ammo in Yugoslav war Returning refugees will breathe the dust of uranium residue, says Patrick Cain.

14 May 1999

Sincere regrets by Craig Goodrich, Worldnet Daily.

What is the point of NATO? by Robert Fisk of the Independent.

Propaganda Interesting analysis by an non-reporter, a Canadian living in Republic of Macedonia.

Letters from Belgrade by Vladimir Aleksic from a Belgrade suburb.

13 May 1999

I added a new set of pages: Greek cartoons about the war

11 May 1999

Rescued from the memory hole: The forgotten background of the Serb/Albanian conflict An excellent FAIR article about the recent past of Kosovo just before its autonomy was rescinded -and how proto-ethnic cleansing was in fact performed against the Kosovo Serbs. References to many "forgotten" newspaper articles of the 80s, some of which may be found in extenso here.

Meet the real Gen. Clark A sarcastic portrait by Counterpunch

As the innocents die, where are all the voices of protest? by Tom Hayden, Democrat Representative.

The 800-lb gorilla in the war room War profiteers rake big bucks.

NATO and international law Thorough analysis by Prof. Raju Thomas.

A bomb too far An Independent article about the bombing of the Chinese Embassy.

No more castles in the air Time to cut a deal and quit, says Peter Preston in the Guardian.

Is US committing war crimes from on high? Is it "regrettable but inevitable" accidents -or crimes?

NATO's "other" losses The International Strategic Studies Association examines cases of non-acknowledged NATO losses.

Cyprus 1964, Kosovo 1999 An old tale of fabricated atrocity shows how easily events can be distorted.

The duping of America Is America being duped?.

Spies, damn lies and information How Pentagon admitted months later that the whole Sudan bombing was an "error".

Massacres vs. Regrettable Accidents A FAIR article on Double-Standard for Coverage of Civilian Deaths in Yugoslavia.

Why Kosovo? Why Krajina Serbs were not deemed worthy of humanitarian attention?

Real disaster threat What if the VINCA nuclear reactor in Belgrade gets hit?

Radioactive shells used by NATO A New Scientist report.

Depleted uranium: Deadly weapon, deadly legacy.

Pentagon confirms deleted uranium use

Reading the Bible in a bomb shelter by Vladimir Arsenijevic, Serbian writer

Excerpts from a diary by Jasmina Tesanovic from Belgrade.

Greetings from the twilight zone Tanja describes her everyday life.

Also, a further new bunch of older articles was added: A collection of articles written in the 80s about Kosovo See what was reported by Western media in the 80s, when the name Kosovo was familiar only to avid students of geography.

9 May 1999

I am resuming the updating of these pages after a hiatus of more than two weeks, which was caused by acute computer-related problems.
Harold Pinter: We are bandits guilty of murder

Mikis Theodorakis: Their sole aim is to turn the heretic Yugoslavia into scorched earth

An Open Letter To Our Troops In The Former Yugoslavia From Over 500 MlAs Saved By The Serbian People During WWII Passionate appeal of US veterans to stop the war and respect the Serbian people.

Degrading America The US-led bombing must be opposed first and foremost because it is a moral outrage, writes Stephen Cohen in the Nation magazine.

Appeal to the International Scientific Community by the rectors of the National Technical University of Athens and the Belgrade University.

A cluster bomb in a vegetable market Account of still another murderous "error" -see also, (Warning: very graphic!) the relevant photo

Not war but vandalism Simon Jenkins in the Times examines the "collateral damage" in Yugoslavia's cultural heritage.

Essential Public Policy Points Relating to the ISSA Mission to Yugoslavia, April 18-21, 1999 The International Strategic Studies Association organized a fact-finding mission with the participation of US congressman Jim Saxton. Here are its findings.

Behind Racak Solid investigative report on the role of William Walker, US diplomat and OSCE verificator, in the Racak alleged massacre and also in the past when proven massacres were perpetrated in Walker's presence.

Attacks on Belgrade are driving us mad Prof. Miroslav Milisevic, Chief of Surgery at Belgrade Univ. Hospital, writes to a friend in England

Also, a whole new bunch of older articles was added: A collection of articles written in the 80s about Kosovo See what was reported by Western media in the 80s, when the name Kosovo was familiar only to avid students of geography.

22 April 1999

The silent ethnic cleansing An article by Novosti reporters, written a couple of months before Rambouillet.

═┴ď¤'s unjust war Markus Gee explains why the killing of innocents by NATO cannot be justified.

Number of missing Kosovars is challenged Leading US experts contest the NATO claims, including alleged cases of "mass graves"

═┴TO's real target: Russia

Freedom fighters financed by organized crime A thoroughly substantiated investigation of KLA's nature and criminal links.

Day of the Planet April 22 is the Day of the Planet -the irony is that the environment in the Balkans is a victim of the war and major ecological organizations stay silent.

An ecological disaster An appeal of professors of the Department of Organic Chemical Technology and Polymers concerning the bombing of VCM and PVC plants in Pancevo.

Dancing on the bridge Randall Major, the Texan living in NoviSad, expresses the feelings of the locals concerning their bridges destructed by NATO.

Tips On Talking with Advocates of the Bombing An essay for those who are already strongly and even passionately against the bombing and struggling with how to discuss it fruitfully with its advocates...

Why NATO expansion by Douglas Roche, former Canadian Ambassador to the U═ for Disarmament.

A round of applause for the Serbian people by Barbara Echenreich

Morality? Don't make me laugh by John Pilger in the Guardian.

Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in North America and Kosovo ┴uthoritative essay by Dr. Anthony J. Hall of the University of Lethbridge, illustrating the blatant hypocrisy of the Canadian government. (long).

The Clinton doctrine Boris Kagarlitsky analyzes Pax Americana

Letter of Zastava workers to the public of all NATO countries.

21 April 1999

Covering up NATO's Balkan bombing blunder TFF, a transnational pacifist organization in Sweden, exposes how we came to this war and all the NATO lies.

═ATO must head for door marked Exit Air power has failed and the allies' only real option is to get out, writes General Sir Michael Rose, former UN commander in Bosnia.

Let civility prevail! Appeal by 27 "concerned Serbian citizens, leading activists for democracy and human rights.

How did the Serbs come to be viewed as fascists? Excerpt from Sara Flounders' NATO in the Balkansbook narrating the astounding PR coup by which the Serbs acquired bad press in the USA

Credibility and incredible nonsense A SIRIUS Institute analysis about the credibility of NATO propaganda.

The information war about Kosovo An analysis by TFF, the pacifist organization.

═┴ď¤ would have favored the Confederacy An article of Jewish World Review that makes a parallel between this war and the US Civil War.

What about the Kurds? There are no airstrikes against Ankara, Jakarta or Jerusalem, observes The Guardian.

Kosovo war takes toll on Euro Europe's new single currency is limping against all initial expectations -was this perhaps one of the unavowed aims of the war?

Life under the toxic cloud Cica from Pancevo, the most-bombed city in Serbia, speaks about living under a toxic cloud after the bombing of petrochemical industries by NATO.

20 April 1999

Chronicle of a non-advertised ethnic cleansing An article by NYTimes from 1982, denouncing the ethnic-cleansing policies used to drive the Serbian minority out of Kosovo.

Cluster bombs may be what killed refugees LA Times reporter Paul Watson presents compelling evidence as to the use of cluster bombs -a most inhuman weapon- by NATO against the refugees in Kosovo.

One "military target" less Three-year old Milica Rakic was killed by a NATO bomb in her bathroom while sitting on her potty.

The evil empire are us A Culture wars article analyzing the lies of NATO propaganda.

From Terrorists to Partners In-depth analysis by U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee, concerning the terrorist and drug-dealing aspects of KLA.

18 April 1999

Eduardo Galeano: The confession of the bombs

15 Questions and Answers about the Kosovo/NATO conflict, by Michael Albert and Stephen Salom

Replies to questions about Kosovo by Noam Chomsky.

┴ highly suspect pretext ďhe Centre for Constitutional Rights examines the pretext of "humanitarian intervention".

The bombing of Kosovo and its cost to the American tax-payer, by M. Moore.

Summarizing the case against the conflict by Gar Lipow of ZNet.

ďhe case against the intervention in Kosovo A very thorough analysis by the Nation magazine.

Searching for answers in a tragedy LA Times reporter Paul Watson investigates the murderous NATO attack against the refugees: same planes hit several times.

Is this atrocity a mystery for NATO? Robert Fisk offers some investigative help.

Message from Milica Dedijer a leading Green activist in Belgrade.

Odd alliance between State and CNN in USA.

Pro-Serb means objective? BBC veteran reporter accused of pro-Serb bias angrily denies accusations.

What the KLA really is by Mark Almond in the Spectator magazine.

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