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Early Art Gallery Page with Cute Jointed Sculptures
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Click here to see more pictures and more recent sculptures on the new extended Gallery Site. Contains photo samples grouped by similar species, updated regularly with new pictures. Scroll down for the old format gallery with some older sculptures.

Assortment of Needle Felted animals made by me.  Most of these needle feltings are jointed and poseable. To my art currently for sale on eBay, click a picture.

For more info on poseability click here:
For the poseability type photo key click here:
Like to sew? Made of natural colored wool, here are fun little needle felted sculptures of Hedgehogs which double as pincushions. SOLD on eBay.

Poseable needle felted Biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppy, with red heart puppy topknot SOLD on eBay .

Westie puppy, needle felted, poseable
West Highland White Terrier puppy, needle felted.

Poseable needle felted westie in purple bandana Sold on eBay.
Needle Felted Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog, 6 way jointed posability. Cardigans are seen with tails while Pembrokes are often naturally tailless, though past interbreeding has led to more Pembrokes being naturally tailed.  Scroll down to see a felted Pembroke. SOLD on eBay
This poseable needle felted Pug dog is 6 way jointed for poseability. This tiny small breed dog SOLD on eBay.

This poseable needle felted mini Cairn Terrier is 6 way jointed for poseability. A dark colored Cairn is the breed of dog who plays Toto in The Wizard of Oz.  SOLD on eBay.
Poseable needle felted golden brown and white Shih tzu dog, 6 way jointed for poseability. She wears a ponytail topknot with diamond looking jewel. SOLD on eBay.
This poseable needle felted mini Mixed Breed Mutt is 6 way jointed for poseability and holds a pink shaded rose in his moveable mouth. SOLD on eBay.
Poseable needle felted sable tricolor Sheltie or Sheltland Sheepdog. 6 way jointed for poseability. In the auction photos with a Valentine's day theme, the little loveable Mutt at left presented this Sheltie with a rose. SOLD on eBay.

This poseable needle felted miniature Schnauzer mix is 6 way jointed for poseability. This mini dog SOLD on eBay.
Poseable needle felted Golden Retriever puppy with lighter chest. 6 way jointed for poseability. You can see the little paw pads I give most of my needle felted dogs and cats in this picture. Only 2 and a half inches and SOLD on eBay.
This poseable needle felted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or English Toy Spaniel dog is 6 way jointed for poseability and made in the popular red and white Blenheim color. This mini dog SOLD on eBay.
Poseable needle felted Maltese puppy with green heart shaped jewel on her topknot. 6 way jointed for poseability. Only 2 and a half inches and SOLD on eBay.

Pose-able needle felted Pomeranian puppy. This little orange sable dog SOLD on eBay.
Pose-able needle felted black Affenpinscher dog. SOLD on eBay.
Pose-able needle felted Pekingese dog. She wears a flower hair pin made of red heart jewels and is 6 way jointed for posability. Click & see more pictures. SOLD on eBay
Jack Russell Terrier, called a Parson Russell Terrier by some. She has a wire armature for pose-ablity and wears a silver collar with round blue jewel in the center. Click to check for auctions: SOLD on eBay

This poseable needle felted rough red ticked Brussels Griffion Dog. Other names for this breed are Belgian Griffon, Griffon Belge, Griffons Bruxellois, Petit Brabancon. This mini small breed dog SOLD on eBay. Click the picture.

Needle felted handmade Havanese dog. SOLD on eBay.

This poseable needle felted sable, black, and white Papillon Dog has the large butterfly shaped ears which named the breed after the French word. This little tri-color dog SOLD on eBay. Click the picture.
Pose-able needle felted Wheaten Scottish Terrier dog.  Comes with the red bow with jingling silver bell ribbon collar and is 6 way jointed for poseability.  Click & see more pictures. SOLD on eBay


Another Pom SOLD on ebay.


Poseable needle felted Schnauzer, Sold eBay

Poseable needle felted Hungarian Puli dog also known as Hungarian Water Dog with corded coat to capture the real breed's look. Search Google to see pictures of this real, unusual looking dog. SOLD on eBay.


This poseable needle felted red and white Papillon Dog has the large butterfly shaped ears which named the breed after the French word. SOLD on eBay. Click the picture.


Poseable needle felted Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog, SOLD on eBay. Click the picture.


By request and modled after a real dog's photo, this poseable needle felted Old English Sheepdog was Sold on eBay


This poseable needle felted Brussels Griffon dog is Sold eBay. Click the picture.

Poseable needle felted Scottish Terrier, Sold on eBay


This poseable needle felted Biewer Yorkshire Terrier dog, a yorkie with some white color, Sold eBay


ABOVE : This little needle felted poseable Pomeranian puppy SOLD on eBay. Click the picture to see current auctions.


This poseable needle felted Pekingese dog is the usuall 2 1/2 inch size of most of my dogs and cats. SOLD


At only 1 and 3/4 of a inch this tiny poseable Peke is a compatible 1:12 size with most dollhouses. See the dime in the picture for size comparison. The tiny peke dog also wears four dimaond-like jewels as a collar. SOLD

needle felted yorkshire terrier
felted with wool, silk, and other fibers
view of this yorkie's collar
handmade mini jewel studded collar
This Needle felted yorkie puppy wears a studded collar. Sold


Poseable needle felted merled Shetland Sheepdog, this sheltie was Sold on eBay


Poseable needle felted Maltese and Papillon dog, Sold eBay


Tiny needle felted Japanese Chin dog, Sold eBay

Yorkie puppy, needle felted, poseable, SOLD
Yorkie puppy, needle felted, poseable, SOLD
This poseable Needle felted Yorkshire Terrier puppy wears a collar of diamond like jewels with a blue sapphire colored center jewel. SOLD
Pose-able needle felted Maltese puppy. This little white doggie wears a silver collar with red heart jewel in the center. Click & see more pictures. SOLD on eBay.

Poseable needle felted Cairn Terrier, Sold on eBay

Similar to a norfolk terrier but with erect ears this Pose-able needle felted Norwich Terrier wears a silver collar with green heart jewel in the center. Click & see more pictures: SOLD on eBay.


Handmade polymer clay boxer puppy. Click picture to see more.

handsculpted polymer clay pug
handsculpted polymer clay pug

Handsculpted polymer clay pug, click picture to see more.

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