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Two types of poseability, wire frame and thread jointing:

The northern Lynx with wire frame posability and the rabbit 6 way jointed,  in a lively chase scene.  The Lynx just 4 inches, the Bunny playmate only 2 inches. SOLD on eBay.

This wire frame bison or buffallo SOLD on eBay
The 6 way jointed cat also SOLD on eBay



Needle felted Black Maned White Lion. The wire armature used this wire frame needle felted sculptures allows for positioning him in multiple poses. His kitten friend is 6 way jointed poseable.


An earlier work: White tiger needle felted over wire frame
Tigers are one of the many species of animals I have worked with, real tigers and felted ones. This needle felted tiger has been needle felted over a wire armature, making him highly poseable. The white marmoset monkey, and the panda as seen in the long photo at the top of the home page were made this way too. I pick a type of pose-ability suited to the sculpture. Wire frame works for some, the alternative method for poseability, 5 or 6 way thread jointing works for others. I also make static, or non-poseable sculptures, an earlier one is seen below. See more on the exotics page.

one of my needle felted creations SOLD
poseable white tiger, mohair + polymer clay nose and paw pads

needle felted yarn shar pei dog SOLD
needle felted yarn shar pei puppy SOLD

Early Experimentation: needle felted yarn, polymer clay nose, glass bead eyes. A static, or non-poseable sculpture.

The shar pei puppy dog at right is an earlier work. Yarn captured the wrinkled look of the breed.

Read more about posability types on my Photo Key page.

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