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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
Before going to the contact page to ask a question, please see if your question is answered here on the FAQ page. If you would like to commision a sculpture you can go directly to the contact page to request a custom sculpture.

How do I buy?
Use the contact page to make your custom request & please include the type of animal & if it is a personal pet (working from your photos) as pricing is based on size and the amount of time it takes to create the sculpture. You can buy sculptures through eBay or through my webpage. Please take a look at the examples, including the ones on the Custom Pets page. Keep in mind that as these sculptures are 100% handmade by me and OOAK (One Of A Kind) each sculpture will look a little different.

What payment methods do you accept?
You do Not have to be a member of eBay to make a purchase. I can email a Paypal invoice or email you a printable invoice if you'd like to send a Postal money order. If you are a member of eBay I can post a special BIN (buy it now) for you. Buying through eBay will require a Paypal payment.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, Already I've shipped to Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Japan, Norway, the UK, and throughout the United States.
Are you still making needle felted sculptures?
Yes :)
I sell through my page by request (use the contact page to send in a request for your custom sculpture) & also on eBay. Many of the items seen in my gallery were sold on eBay; keep in mind that they represent years of work. Currently, most of my time is spent on requests that come through my webpage, but there will be a few eBay auctions.
Why are there so few items on eBay?
Please see above. In addition, needle felting is a time consuming art so when there are eBay auctions, there will usually be only one or two items posted at a time.
Will you make a certain type of animal?
Yes, I am willing to attempt a needle felted mini of any kind of animal that you are interested in purchasing.

I'm allergic to / prefer a sculpture without wool/mohair/plant fibers/other, can you make a hypo-allergenic needle felted sculpture?
Yes. Some people are only affected by wool/mohair/plant fibers/other items when they wear them and might be fine with a needle felted sculpture, but if preferred I can create a sculpture without. (If interested, scroll down to read where my materials come from.) Send a request through the contact page and please specify what you are allergic to or which fibers you do not want in your sculpture.

Do you make stuffed animals?
I only make needle felted minis and polymer clay sculptures, pendants and free standing. Unlike stuffed animals, needle felted animals are not sewn together from pieces of fabric. Needle felted sculptures are created using barbed needles to shape fibers.
I like one of the sculptures I see but it has been sold, can I still purchase one? Do you have any (type of animal) available?
Yes :) Although, I make these as I go I generally don't have many sculptures ready other than what I'm currently working on or what might be posted on eBay, I'd be happy to take your request for a custom sculpture and make an animal sculpture for you for the desired species or breed.
Also, if you'd like, I can let you know what I'm working on for future auctions. You can add me to your favorite sellers so you don't miss the auction when I post on eBay.
I see most of the items shown are already sold, how do I find out what's currently for sale?
Currently for sale are custom sculptures which you may request at anytime, plus whatever may be for auction on eBay. Most photos shown provide previously sold examples of my art, occasionally my webpage will show a sculpture that is currently available on eBay, please check my auctions by clicking a picture or through the link at left for the most current auctions. On the contact page you can find out how to sign up for the mailing list to be notified of new auctions (see contact page for instructions) or put in a request for a custom sculpture.
How do you make the eyes & noses? Where do you get the noses?
The eyes are glass beads or tiny craft eyes & I hand sculpt the polymer clay noses. You can buy my handmade clay noses from me, see more info on the contact page.
Where do you get your felting supplies?
I use an assortment of supplies including synthetic & natural fibers. My preferred source for wool roving and other animal fibers are farm animal rescues. Check to see if there is a livestock/sheep rescue near you that sells wool. Occasionally, and only at an owner's request, I use fur (clippings or sheddings only, including clean, brushed out undercoat from a freshly washed pet or undercoat that has been washed after being brushed out) provided by the owners. Felting needles can be purchased online.
Do you teach this art form?
No, I use an OOAK (One Of A Kind) process working from photos (not patterns or instructions) figuring things out as I go.
Do you offer kits?
If you're interested in a kit send me an email and I'll let you know about my upcoming kit.
Is needle felting easy?
Some have described needle felting as easy, causing many beginners to become frustrated when trying to learn. To use an analogy, needle felting might be easy in the way that anyone can hold a pencil and make marks with it. While the process of stabbing fibers with a needle is easy, it's not easy to get the fibers to look how you want, just as it's not easy for everyone to draw. Like any art, it's a skill that takes time to learn, requires patience, and is a very time consuming process. In addition, the needles are very sharp and there is potential for injury. Read more here.

Can you offer any tips on learning how to needle felt?
Yes. Unless you're working from instructions like with a kit, it's not recommended to use another sculpture or someone else's art as a model, plus many are copyrighted (including mine). It's better to use photos of real animals or your own preliminary drawings of what you'd like your sculpture to look like. This will help you develop your own style and will be much easier than trying to recreate someone else's.
Where do you sell your items?
I sell customs directly through my page, use the contact page to commision a request pet dog, cat, bird or other animal. Please see above for payment methods. I also sell completed sculptures on eBay and clay items are available now at the store Animals In the Hills in Gatlinburg, TN.
Do you sell wholesale or in bulk?
For Needle Felted Sculptures: These sculptures are 100% handmade by me and can't be mass produced. As each sculpture takes just as long to make as the last, I don't offer wholesale or bulk pricing. I can offer a shipping discount if you are buying multiple items that will be shipped together.
For Clay Sculptures, free standing or pendants: These are also 100% handsculpted and handpainted by me, I do not use molds. However, I can offer a discount for large groups of mini clay items.
For Kits: My kits will be available for wholesale.

Visit my page on eBay to see my current auctions. Read about me on my new about the artist link at left. Read more about needle felting on the homepage.
Thanks for reading :) If you came here from the contact page click your browser's back button to go to the form on the contact page.


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