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Custom Pet Sculptures by request with their real life photo models
Scroll down to view examples of sculptures modeled after specific pets using photos of the model. I am available for special orders, animal requests, custom orders of your pet, 3D pet portraits or any commissioned sculpture of any critter you'd like to buy. Use the contact page form to send a request for a likeness of your pet or any other needle felted mini custom sculpture.
Commisioned requests: I take requests for mini needle felted sculptures for 3 dimensional likenesses of your pet, or any other animal. Request a custom pet portrait of any breed of dog, cat, or other species of animal you'd like, wild or domestic, as a 3-D soft sculpture. I work from photos and am willing to create any kind of pet or species specific request. I've done custom request birds, guinea pigs, sloths, & more. Scroll down to see some testimonials from previous customers and the pictures below which show examples of my previous needle felted pet sculptures working from photos. These soft sculpture pet portraits are made with the dry felting wool fiber craft to create soft, handmade, three dimensional sculptures of pets. Would you like to see your pet used as a model for a miniature needle felted art sculpture? Use the Contact page to send your request.
Special Request: An animal art sculpture can help bring more interest to an adoption group or animal shelter. If there's a certain special pet available for adoption that you'd like to see as a mini soft sculpture, by request, I can post a pic of these special animals in an auction along with their hand sculpted likeness. While eBay limits links within auctions, I can post a link to your adoption site or rescue group on my link page and my eBay "me" page. Note: The current animals on this page are not in need of adoption, but there may be some in the future as there are an endless number of animals currently without homes. Many of the pets below were adopted and some include a link to an animal shelter or rescue group in the text description.
Animals in shelters including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, & more, Homeless animals are often the inspiration for my other handmade sculptures. To find a friend or a list of rescue groups in your area please visit
You can read a few testimonials below, more are on my  eBay feedback page :)
Even if you don't see any auctions, I am still taking requests for custom animal sculptures.
I own copyrights to all my atrwork and images of it. Do not repost photos without my permission. Photos of real life pets have been used with permission of the pets' owners. The original photographers retain copyrights to their images.

Testimonials: "my Mitzie replica is AMAZING!!!! She's a mini-Mitz!!! Not only does she look like my girl but she's so soft and I can't stop touching her and looking at her!!! She is gorgeous and her face is 100% my Mitz...I can't get over it!!!!" - Nancy B, USA
"Toonces arrived safely- thank you so much!  I love her and she will always be a memento of her life.  Thanks again!" - Victoria, D., TX
"I haven't any idea how one can possibly properly thank an artist for giving of their talent, creativity, and imagination to another. - Thank you, for taking my small project and giving it life and beauty." - Judi D., WA
"hello! i got my little møffel figure today :D thank you so, so much. i love her. she looks just like my little baby!" - Annicken G., Norway
"I just wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I am with the result of your artwork.  The resemblence to him is remarkable.  I couldn't help but get teary eyed when I saw the sculpture, and my husbands' response was "wow"... He's just beautiful and you made me very happy.  Thank you." - Kim, CT
"Just received the felted Taz sculpture, and my wife just opened it for her birthday. She absolutely loves it. LOVES IT. She has been going on about it for the last 30 minutes straight. Just fantastic. She just noticed the pads on the bottom of the feet! Nice touch. So, thank you, well done. You are so talented in this art form I was formerly completely unaware of. Worth every penny!" - Rob F. Edmonton, Canada
"The dogs are perfect. They all look exactly the way they do/did in real life." - Jennifer L., NC
"You are a truly gifted person.  That is phenomenal.  I hope you never stop doing this.  To help people preserve the memories of their beloved pets, and to do it with such incredible attention and commitment is a wonderful gift.  Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Sarah H., CO
"Thank you so much for taking the time to do such detailed, beautiful work--it is truly a work of art." - Victoria K., VA
"I received it and I cried. It is so amazing! I know my sister will cry when she sees it as well. The pictures of it were wonderful but to see it in person and hold!!  Such detail. You captured him so well and I can't thank you enough. I'm sure I will order more in the future and plan to tell all my friends who are pet lovers that they just have to have one made. Thank you." - Paula C., CA


This dlh or longhair needle felted Maine Coon cat is a brown and black classic tabby with white on the chest and feet and light green eyes. Classic tabbys have wider swirling stripes while mackerel tabby cats have thin stripes. This Custom Cat Sculpture SOLD


Here is a needle felted 3-D custom pet portrait of a black and white Border Collie with a small amount of tan on the back feet and a partial white collar, on one side. This Custom Dog Sculpture SOLD


This cute little mix was adopted from an animal shelter and has her own page on Facebook. Possibly a Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher mix, she is dark red with white areas on her chest and feet. SOLD


This mini sculpture of a big guy is a Mastiff / Boxer mix with brindle tiger striping, reminiscent of the Tasmanian Tiger, a dog like marsupial from Australia. SOLD


A needle felted dog sculpture paired with his photo model. This cute little wirehaired small breed pup was adopted from the Dumb Friends League, named dumb in refference to the animals' innability to speak for themselves. Custom Mixed Breed Dog Sculpture SOLD Check out Dumb Friends League at
other animal shelters:

Here is an ooak needle felted cat sculpture. This pet animal and her model are dsh (domestic shorthair) brown tabby with mackerel or tiger (thin) stripes. SOLD


Here is a sweet large breed sculpture, a Black German Shepherd dog. SOLD


This cute little pair of custom pet portraits of minature small breeds are a male Yorkie in silver and gold and a female tricolor Chihiahua in chocolate, tan, and white. SOLD


Here is a patched custom sculpted cat, bi-color white with orange/cream tabby patches and yellow eyes. SOLD


A needle felted Longhaired Chihuahua, tri-color with chocolate brown patches and light brown / tan eyebrows on white. SOLD


Here is a Harlequin Great Dane with pink nostrils and natural ears. A by request dog artist soft sculpture SOLD


This little girl is a miniature custom sculpted Toy Fox Terrier with one brown ear and short tail. SOLD


A custom black and white Tuxedo Cat with green eyes. SOLD


This adorable, special little miniature dog sculpture is shown wearing a red handmade custom collar. This custom handmade mixed breed dog sculpture SOLD


This custom pet sculpture is a red brown shorthaired Dachshund. This needle felted dog SOLD


This wool pet is a Dachshund with white strip along her chest. SOLD

I can make more than just dogs and cats by request. A white needle felted custom Russian Dwarf Hamster sculpture. SOLD

Needle felted custom pet guinea pig sculpture, a longhaired black and white Peruvian. This commisioned Guinea Pig Sculpture working from photos SOLD

Two long haired needle felted custom cats, handmade Maine Coon & Norwegian Forest Cat sculptures. This commisioned brown and white ticked tabby Maine Coon and dilute calico NFC with Van pattern pets SOLD

Needle felted custom pet sculpture, a Belgian Tervueren or Tervuren, a kind of Belgian Shepherd or Sheepdog, shown paired with the real dog. SOLD More pictures of the real dog can be seen on:

This needle felted cat sculpture is a colorful calico tabby with green eyes, shown with her model. SOLD
The real cat was adopted from Austin / Travis County's Town Lake Animal Shelter which has many pets including cats, dogs, & rabbits in need of forever homes. Adopt a pet :)

This by request sculpture is a custom needle felted blue eyed cat with orange sherbert color short hair & darker tabby points. This housecat sculpture SOLD

Mini needle felted custom Beagle sculpture, tri color in brown, black, and white. SOLD

Poseable needle felted mini Smooth Fox Terrier with split face and her model. The real black & white dog was adopted from a Fox Terrier Rescue. Find rescues in your area, training tips for all dogs, and other resources at

Poseable needle felted Chinese Crested Dog, cinnamon with white streaks, tan flesh toned skin & blonde and white fur shown with photos of her real life model. Sculpted a little larger than my usual size. SOLD

At Right: Three needle felted longhair Dachshunds : Harley a longhaired red sable, Zehpyr with long red coat, and Fidget a chocolate and tan dapple long hair. All shown with photos of their real life models. SOLD
Adopt a Dachshund :) Smoothcoat and Longhairs in a variety of colors available at Dallas - Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue


By request: needle felted red and white Basenji dog shown with photo of his model. SOLD


Poseable needle felted fawn and white Italian Greyhound dog and his model. Wears a handmade red collar with diamond-like accent. SOLD


Poseable needle felted grey and white Italian Greyhound dog and his model. Wears a handmade blue collar with diamond-like accent. SOLD

This request, a needle felted sculpture of a sweet little Shetland Sheepdog. Shown with photo of her model. SOLD


By request: needle felted Wire Fox Terrier. Check out the spots on his back, do they remind you of a popular cartoon mouse? :) SOLD
Like WFT and other Fox Terriers? Click here to see some Wire Hair Fox Terriers and smooth Fox Terriers for adoption. Visit the Boutique for some Wire Haired & Fox Terrier items, a portion every sale goes to help the Fox Terrier Rescue group.


By request: needle felted mixed breed Dog and his Guinea Pig friend (felted version show from both sides to show variation, see more Guinea Pigs on the exotics page) shown with photos of their models. This special little pup sculpted as he looks in real life, missing part of his ear, makes an extra unique one of a kind sculpture SOLD


By request: needle felted DSH Brown&White Tabby cat shown with photo of his model. SOLD

By request: needle felted Short Hair Grey Tortoiseshell cat shown with photo of his model. SOLD


By request: needle felted Yorkie Puppy shown with photos of her model. SOLD
Request needle felted rabbit.  Also by request, this little bunny was done in the style of the long haired angora or jamora rabbit. Shown with photo of her model. SOLD


By request: needle felted chocolate point Himalayan cat shown with photos of her model. SOLD


By request: a needle felted silver & white Maltipoo, a Maltese Poodle mix breed, shown with photo of her model. SOLD on eBay.
Did you know? Many "Malti-poos" are available for adoption. To adopt a dog like this, or another specific mix of 2 breeds, search for one of the two breeds ( such as Maltese ) on and look through the results for the desired breed combination.


By request: two needle felted cats, a longhair Maine Coon and a shorthair grey and white shown with photos of their models. The longhair is jointed, the shorthair has a wire armature. SOLD


Another request: needle felted sandy red Pomeranian dog shown with photo of her model. SOLD

Poseable needle felted Black & White Tuxedo Persian and his model SOLD on eBay

Poseable needle felted long haired red and white Akita dog and his model SOLD on eBay

Would you like a request pet? Interested in a certain breed or species? Contact me on my eBay page :)

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