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The TaFweb Awards 2000

You can also see the TaFweb Awards for 1999 and 2001

There are two TaFWeb awards. The purpose of the first is to reward those who, like me, are trying to help others to get to know the basics of creating a web page. The sites which are listed below have all won either the Gold, Silver or Commended Awards. In all cases they are, in my opinion at least, well worth a visit by anyone who is creating, or plans to create, their own web pages. In certain cases a special Commended Award is given to sites which are providing other free services to the Internet community.

The second award is the TaFWeb Good Start Award and is intended only for people who have just created their first web page. The page doesn't have to be anything spectacular, but it must show that you are beginning to get an appreciation of what makes a good web page. Winners of this award are shown on a separate page.

Please note that we do not accept applications made using the Award-Me software. Applications can be submitted from here or via one of a number of carefully selected award web sites.

Please note that any sites shown in grey were not accessible the last time these links were checked (30 September 2001). This does not necessarily mean that the sites have disappeared, and may only indicate that the server was temporarily down.

TaFWeb Award Winners

The awards which have already been made are listed below. To apply for an award for your own site, go to the Award Application page and an Award might be yours.

Gold Award Winners

Webmaster Central

Silver Award Winners


Website Analyst

Note: Link failed when last tested
Virtual Domains Network

Maestro Awards of Excellence - The Education Place on the Net

animation central

SkY Interactive
(NOTE: Site no longer appears to exist)

Top Quality Freeware


chucks free stuff central

None awarded so far this year

Commended Award Winners

CIW Study Site

Mihir's Internet Home

UBB Developers Network

24-7 Web Design by Mazel Productions

Lancasters Laughing Place


Nighthawk Downunder

Netgirl Enterprises Web Design

Harbeson and Associates Web Design

Animated Gif, Java, Valentine, Midi - Mihir Gandhi

FantaZee - Resources for New Users

MFL Graphics

Note: Link failed when last tested
A Perfect World - free clip art


La pagina de Jochy

Direnc SAKARYA Kisisel WebSitesi
(NOTE: Site no longer appears to exist)

Note: Link failed when last tested
Unique Site

None awarded so far this year

Awarded for Other Services to the Internet Community


New Way Electronics

Sighting the First Sense - Seeing is Believing

The Art of Speech

Freeware Humnpherlinks



Note: Link failed when last tested

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