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Elementals seem to be a type of conscious entity that is closely associated with a specific place or location. This type of creature resides in a realm that is either above or below our levels of perception. Perception is defined as that which is able to be perceived through the normal five senses and then realized as input by the collective function of memory and recall. This may be the most accurate way of saying where these creatures reside. In nature we are constantly confronted with real situations where we cannot observe something directly. For example a bugs wing which appears as a blur to us simply because it beats at a frequency that is higher than we are able to see clearly. The human eye and the human ear have a range and limits. We know that the human ear simply cannot hear sounds above 20kHz or below 20hz. This is also true with the human eye, the eye cannot see anything that does not stay in front of our eye for 1/24 of a second, our brain simply doesnt have time to perceive it. Outside of our limits of hearing and sight dwells an entire realm that we are not privy to. The physical structure of sensory organs such as ears and eyes is what limits them. The body has had to adapt gradually over time to a range of different needs for the sensory input organs and structures. For example the size and shape of the human ear impacts the frequency range and decible levels we have access to. Now had our ears been shaped more like a dog or a bat, proportionally our hearing range would be increased. Sounds from dog whistles is a prime example of audible stimuli that is out of our sensory range.

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Depiction of what may be an elemental manifestation.

*If we look into nature we see a serious similarity in the depiction of an entire range of Sprites, Faeries, and Pixies with notedly bug-like qualities.  We also have with these small lights and manifestations odd mischief being caused and observed.  The classic mischievous faery has almost the exact same attributes we ascribe to the common poltergiest.  The movement of objects, small luminescent orbs, the representation of static discharge as some type of dust trail.   All are strange parallels from the Fey realm.  We also see tales very far back concerning 'Fey Lights', "Will o' th' Wisps', and 'Corpse Candles'.  Seeminly explained by science as natural or marsh gases, and sometimes as ball lightening, a very rare event where magnetic charged plasma becomes visable.    We may indeed have an answer to some types of mystery lights, but there is another range of manifestations that do not meet the criteria to explain it away as natural emissions of gas.

*If we compare a small sample of Poltergeist Cases such as those reported on this Finnish Website , and then compare that to any portion of Faery lore.  You can see an eerie similarity in the type pranks and manifestations. 



Elementals seem to have a developmental process or stages of growth punctuated by marked increases in different types of activity and emotional states. In some regards this does parallel the so called Poltergiest Stages shown here:Poltergiest Stages

Probing Stage - The first stages of the elemental seem to be a probing stage characterized by unnearving but non threatening visual manifestations. These manifestations seem to be the result of the users own mind and the perceived first notions of what a ghost is or a ghost might be. In other words, the primary participants (ie the people experiencing the manifestations) sense something perhaps at a subliminal level. The primary participant then manifests the thoughts or visual projections based on more implanted stimuli from the elemental at hand. The notion that these creatures are evil is purely conjecture and totally unsubstantiated, but that myth has grown over the years due to the inability to understand the motives of the creatures. We simply have to accept that undertstanding their motive may not be possible due simply to the lack of data. For our concerns we can negate the moral judgements of good or evil and simply look at any action as an action designed to provoke reaction and return stimuli for the cause of self satisfaction. In some cases bad dreams herald the next stage and overlap to some degree.

Self Realization Stage - Soon after an elemental has gotten some feedback from the primary participant it will mature into more sophistocated manifestations. This is when participants start to report bad dreams and seeing fading shadows, missing small objects, lights flickering or electronic disturbances of varying types. The elemental is in a stage of self realization based on the feedback from the interaction. The creature is starting to quickly realize that the thought patterns and/or mental images that the primary participant experiences is a type of communication and provides some degree of self awareness and satisfaction. During this phase the idea of 'more than one ghost' becomes an attractive solution to the participants sensations that more than one spirit must be present. This is mostly due to the lack of information on the part of the experiencer who does not realize the feelings of multiple manifestations are an extension of the probing stage. The creature is aware that in different forms it gets different reactions. The Self Realization stage usually overlaps with the next.

Gainful Interaction Stage - The elemental next progresses into what I term as Gainful Interaction. This is a stage where the creature attempts to ascertain the depth of its interactive ability and the scope of the satisfaction it can gain as a result. The need for this interaction and the resulting gains made by the elemental are unable to be determined. During this phase the elements of fear and sadness may be forced upon the primary participants via thoughts and implanted mental projections. The participants at this point are usually keenly aware of the multiple aspects of the elemental now and are usually confused by the seeming endless supply of new ghosts or new manifestations. The elemental however is at this point on the cusp of the realization that provoking anxietyand fear seems to be the most potent form of stimuli.

Hyper Active Stage - The elemental has now reached a stage where it is exploiting the most beneficial of the participants emtional states, and has determined that anxiety or fear is the one with the highest yield of satisfaction.



The elemental ghost is composed of living energy that is vibrating at frequencies above our limits of sensory perception. What we term as the sixth sense is the ability to sense or detect the presence of other living creatures of a certain amplitude. We are either tuned out to certain frequencies or we are unable to contact them through the limitations of physical senses.





Elementals first manifest as a benign or recognized character. Ex. An old lady watching over her house. A young child that seems to be lost. This benign form is usually part of the Probing stage of any immature elemental.
Second the elemental may take the form of a recognized icon of fear.


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Greater Elemental Spirits:

Standard Poltergeists

Talking Poltergiests



Lesser Elemental Spirits:

Orbs -

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Typical Orbs

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Classic Rods

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