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Muppet Central is THE place for Muppet fans to gather.

Current news, discussion (Muppet Central Forum),
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Enjoy yourself, it's well worth a click.

Muppet Wiki - Obsessive, who us?! You betcha, baby! Pretty much every factoid on the show and the Muppets themselves can be found lovingly collected and illustrated right here. Constantly updated, slap a bookmark on this puppy.

rec.arts.henson+muppets newsgroup FAQ - And most of your basic Muppet queries can be answered right here. Not sure when or if it'll be updated again, but it's still a great reference guide.

My Sesame Street YouTube Playlist - Part One, Part Two, Part Three AND Part Four, whew! And don't miss Muppet Musical Guests Part One and Two - My personal favorite Sesame clips via the amazing YouTube. I've sorted them as best I can in alphabetical order (by the official title, where it's available) and also grouped together the Ernie and Lefty skits, the Ernie and Bert ones, etc. on my various YouTube Playlists. While it is mostly a family friendly site, it does contain some adult situations/humour, so please stay within the links provided to ensure your children's safety.

On another important You Tube note, I've found a very helpful site for saving the clips to your computer, KeepVid. It works with Google Video and You Tube among others and saves the file in .FLV format (there's a free player you can download at the link). I've loaded in a whole bunch for my son and they're working great!

In a nutshell, go to KeepVid, open up You Tube (or wherever the video is you want to keep) in a seperate window, find the exact url for the video (where it says "Email or link it") and copy and paste it into the box on KeepVid. When you click "Download", another link will appear underneath the searchbox. Right-click and choose a name for your file, save it in .flv format and you're done. I've had some take longer than others, but I think it's just a case of excess web traffic at the time. Try again later if it slows down to a snail's pace.

Muppet Musique - Great collection of .mp3s (strictly Muppet tunes, no Sesame Street) from various movies, videos, "Fraggle Rock", and even Rowlf's classic "Ol' Brown Ears Is Back" album. Well done!

Muppet Movies Lyric Archive - A terrific collection of the lyrics from the first three Muppet movies.

Fraggle Rock Songs - All 232 songs from "Fraggle Rock", who could ask for more? Part of the extensive (if a bit out-of-date) Chris's Fraggle Rock Page.

Hooperfan's Page - Nice collection of pics from the old days, including some lovely ones of the sorely-missed Mr. Hooper. Great memories here.

Tough Pigs - Do not miss the outstanding Anthology section of this groovy site with loads of Muppet skits transcribed and illustrated with screen shots. Marvy.

Louise Gold - Very informative fanpage for one of the first female Muppeteers (mainly covers her ongoing acting and singing career). You may remember her as Ethel Mermaid on "Sesame Street", Annie Sue Pig on "The Muppet Show", and the puppeteer behind Gobo on "Fraggle Rock".

Kids Online - Jam-packed with goodies and links for the kids, do not miss the lovely Sesame Street Wallpaper. The files are in alphabetical order, so scan down a bit for the Sesame stuff.

The Electric Company Song Lyrics Archive - Great collection of songs from another childhood favorite, groovy! NOTE: Dead link :-( Keeping it here to remind me to keep checking.


The Jim Henson Company
Henson.Com - The Jim Henson Company

This site *used* to be a treasure chest for the fans, but I can't find much aside from the odd photo and brief info page there now. There's a seperate link for the Creature Shop that's along the same lines, but they cover more characters.

Muppets.Com - The official site, upgraded so pretty much anyone can access all the goodies (used to be quite difficult to navigate). All kinds of videos and movie trailers, have fun!

Disney Online - Disney's official site, a gateway to all the wonder and fun that continues to be the hallmark of Walt Disney.

Sesame Workshop - This one's more for the parents with loads of info about all the shows and initiatives they're involved with. But, for the kids ....

Sesame Street - Now, we're talking! Lots of Games, stories, and colouring pages to enjoy here. And my son's favorite spot, oddly enough, is the Videos section where you can sort by character or even songs. What a concept ;-) NOTE: Alas, I can't find the groovy Sesame Street Radio anymore.

Sesame Street On PBS - Another official site for the show with more coloring pages and activities than you can shake a mouse at! Each character icon takes you to a new game(s) and coloring pics (on Big Bird's page).

Kermitage - Started as a fan page, is now official and still rocks! The amazing Muppet Stuff Collectibles Guide is worth the trip alone, trust me. NOTE: According to Muppet Wiki it's a goner :-( I shall keep the faith that it may return and update if it does. Darn hackers :-P

Bob McGrath's Official Website - Well, look who has himself an official site, it's our old buddy, Bob! Technically speaking, this site concentrates on the real Bob, not the one from Sesame Street, if you know what I mean. Read his bio, find out when he'll be appearing in your town, what records he's working on and you can even download a few sound samples.

Sesame Place Theme Park - I haven't had a chance to get there in real life, but it's nice to see what I'm missing. Happenin' place to take the kids, situated in Pennsylvania, but we know it's really on Sesame Street :-)

Sesame Street Live - Very helpful site for the touring program. Find out when they'll be in your town, check the FAQs and even look into the audition schedule. Nice pics of the show as well.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - It's always a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Plenty of fun activities to keep your kids entertained. Click on the Song List for ALL the lyrics and even Real Audio files for those tunes you just can't forget.

Nick Jr. - Cable channel only available in the US, woe is me here in Canada :-( Can't find anything Sesame Street related on the site anymore as it appears Play With Me Sesame is now on Sprout. Some games, videos, and colouring pages.

Wegman World - Have you seen those groovy live dogs on Sesame Street? You know the ones, sad-looking faces and a human's hands and legs in really strange situations. Well, here's the guy behind them, both literally and figuratively! His dogs, originally Man Ray, and now Fay Ray and Battina, are just a small portion of the *art* he's been involved with for years. - The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) used to show "Sesame Park" (gone since 2002), the Canuck version of the show. This link is for their kids site packed with activities and stuff to read, write and listen to. But, for "Sesame Park", all I can find right now is this good Wikipedia entry and this terrific Muppet Wiki page.


KIDiddles - The perfect way to round out your lyrical visit here, lots of lovely tunes for the kid in all of us. Includes 2,000 songs(!) as well as MIDIs and great links, a well-done spot and worth a trip.

The Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page - Jon Cooke's excellent cartoon pages and links, something's sure to tickle your fancy.

Looney - And don't miss the fab official site where you can watch full-length cartoons, both classic and current, for free! Seriously, no foolin'. NOTE: Videos are no longer playable in Canada :-P

The Kid Should See This - And how! Very new (as of August 2011), very hip and happening blog for kids. Let's face it, some of the sites made specifically for kids are kind of boring or over-the-top silly with no educational value. Not here. As they say, "we don't underestimate kids around here". Packed full of "off the grid-for-little-kids videos and other smart stuff", don't miss it!

Around The World In 80 Clicks - What a simple yet ingenius way of teaching your kids geography. Also just a neat journey around the world via live webcams (not a dud in the bunch I've seen). The cams are all on safe, family-friendly sites and you can track your journey via maps. Click on Index to track how many countries you've been to and come back later if 80's too much. Overall a great idea and well laid-out. - Terrific site created by teachers to help your kids with their SATs, and other scary acronyms. All free to use and parents can keep track of their kids' progress in real time. This place can be a huge boost to your child's future.

Crayola - Fantastic collection of arts and crafts projects for the kid in all of us from the official site of the world's favorite art supplies. I still fondly remember my first crayon box with the built-in sharpener on the side ... they used to taste pretty good too ;-) - Loads of games and songs and ideas for that looooong family trip, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?". Learn how to make a Cootie Catcher, find printable Car Bingo cards as well as the lyrics for many old-time faves. Road trip!

Clarence's Animal Scoop - Part of the extensive and enjoyable Billy Bear's Playground this part highlights animals and how! Wallpaper, icons and screensavers from a vast array of beautiful animal pictures plus sounds, a great how-to for making animal stickers, games and tales from the webmasters' experiences taking care of squirrels and raccoons (more great pics). To put it mildly, if you or your child enjoy animals, bookmark this beauty.

The Family Corner - Everyone in the family will find something useful or fun to do and read here at this well-done site packed with info. Includes a great Discussions area where you can sign up for various email lists or join in the chit-chat on the message boards.

Ontario Science Centre - Very helpful guide if you're interested in visiting this fun and educational tourist attraction here in Ontario. The site also includes many online activities for use with or without Shockwave (an option I wish more sites would offer).

Star Child - Excellent site for the young astronomer in your family, from NASA, so they know what they're talking about! Kid-friendly graphics, easy to use design and packed with info and activities.

The NIEHS Kids' Pages - Loads of activities, brain-teasers, games, sing-along songs, jokes, and links from the National Institutes of Health. Quite a bit is geared towards older kids, but the young'uns can find some fun here as well.

Scholastic News Online - Great companion piece to the paper version, covers grades 1-6.

Canadian Parents Online - I'm sure they're not checking passports here but the discussion boards are aimed towards my fellow Canucks. Mucho other activities and helpful articles to enjoy, the site is constantly updated and well-worth a bookmark.

Headliners - If you want to know what kids are thinking about, then go right to the source. Based in the UK.

CyberKids Home - "CyberKids is a place for kids' creativity to flourish while getting feedback from others; a space to read stories, to listen to kids' musical compositions, to view artwork, to meet keypals from all over." Lots of terrific stuff for your kids to wander through.

CyberTeens - From the success of Cyberkids grew CyberTeens. Still fun, with games and links, but also a great outlet for teen angst, with answers instead of more questions. - Another cool site for teens, this one's aimed at the girls. Lots of questions answered here. Good resource for parents as well as it lets you know what the kids are *really* thinking or worrying about.

The Berenstain Bears - If you must worship other characters, then you might as well enjoy some of the best. Lots of activities for the kids and reading to enjoy at their official site.

TV ARK - Children's Programmes - The mother of all TV memories sites (based in the UK) includes this marvy listing of kid's shows from way back when. All listings include Real Video files of (at least) the opening theme. The ITV pages have such treasures as Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings (2 files from the first episode), Thunderbirds, The Tomorrow People, The Adventures of Rupert Bear, Fraggle Rock, and even good old Noddy. The BBC pages have the long-running Blue Peter (4 files from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and 1996), The Magic Roundabout, and Vision On. Wonderful stuff. To see all the other goodies, hit the TVARK - The Television Museum home page.

Television Heaven - Over 1000 shows reviewed with clips and pics. Nice flashback. Another UK based site, try their sister site in the US Television Heaven USA.

The Magic Roundabout - Nice site for one of my faves as a kid with pics and memories of Dougal, Florence, Brian, Ermitrude, the whole darn gang.

This Old Toy - What a great trip down memory lane this is! Loads of lovely Fisher Price toys to drool over and buy. Dust off your treasures and enjoy. And don't miss this page, the Original Little People Sesame Street & McDonald's Identification List.


I'm very pleased to be affiliated with and you'll find loads of Sesame Street Music, Books, DVDs, Toys and Games, and even Clothes for sale there. Other places you can shop (I'm not connected to any of them):

Snodgrass Sales - This site has some great Sesame Street goodies for sale, from plush characters to bedspreads, rugs, lunch boxes, plates etc. It appears the stock fluctuates as new items become available. And I've been told by people that have dealt with this company that they are very reliable, corrections welcome.

eToys - All kinds of great toys, games, videos and CDs for sale here. Search for "Sesame Street" to narrow it down.

2 Mom Luv Me - Run by a Mom in Cincinnati, she has a ton of Muppet and Sesame Street goodies for sale. Great prices, excellent feedback.

FAO Schwarz - Well, I may not be able to afford all the goodies here, but gosh they're nice to look at! Lots of stuff to amuse yourself with (including the fab Muppet Whatnots) from the world's biggest toy store (I guess). Includes images and prices as well as ordering options.


Rabid Squirrel's Jazz Archive - I never realized squirrels could be so funky ... especially rabid ones! Lyrics and links for a ton of the oldies but goodies here, well worth a visit.

Erik's Chopsticks Gallery - You find the most interesting people when you run a website like mine, here's a perfect example. Terrific collection of chopsticks ... yes, chopsticks. And you have no idea how beautiful some of them can be 'till you have a peek, just lovely. And some of the chopstick rests (which I didn't even know existed!) are gloriously kitchy. Great site for a pick-me-up ;-)

Gallery Of The Absurd - Same webmaster as the above link, can't help but add this seperate link so you don't miss it. Nice collection of images of the absurb life we live in.

Do keep checking in, as I'll be doing my best to keep this updated

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