heavenly grace


We usually give that name to a being whose beauty is beyond what both sexes can reach, whose gracefulness and purity surpasses earthly dimensions. We call "Angel" to one who is a messager of light, a symbol of goodness, sincerity, innocence and hope. One who belongs in Paradise.

Subaru can, therefore, be called that in the most perfect way.

Leaving his personality, which is the most veritable proof he is beyond the imperfections and decadences of this world, appart, there's still as much evidence as to write a book about what CLAMP wanted to present to us when they thought of naming this beautiful, delicate green eyed sprite Sumeragi Subaru.

To begin from the start, Subaru's childhood itself is extraordinary, not much for his tremendous suffering but for the way in which he was brought about in an absolutely controlled environment of purity and equilibrance, granting the still forging heart of the boy with an absolute ignorance towards how awfully twisted and morbid the world can become.

That was the beginning of a total detachment of earthly life to point that Subaru himself, all accustomed to this kind of treatment as he is, becomes concious to the fact that he is very 'different' from what he encounters whe he comes out to real life, specially when he moves with his twin to Tokyo. Aware as he is, and suffereing the consecuences and complexes this difference brings about, he still yearns for being a normal person and never succeeds: he can't stop feeling love for others, he can't be indiferent. Even in his love, he bears the strong idea of wrongness that the supposedly anormal relationship he is having brings about.

Everything in Subaru appears to make him different from others.

He will also appear then as the figure of the guardian angel, the bringer of hope and comfort to the desperate as he was in 'Crime' and 'Dream', a shoulder to cry and a comforter of the forlorn as he became in 'Old' and 'Box', a self giving martyr, ready to give his own life away for love as he was presented in 'Rebirth' and 'End'. Everything seems to be set up for depicting Subaru as a being that exists in a much higher plane of existence.

His contact with the spiritual world is other irrefutal indicator of his heavenly nature, human souls laid in his little hands, him being their only means for salvation.

Even when he falls in love, his idea of the perfect relationship is the one where he can have the chance to give himself completely to the figure of his beloved, be as much as a loving companion as a useful entity for him. Even in his darkest hour, he denies himself from the world of the living by falling into deep catatonia, reduced to a beautiful statue whose life seemed to have recoiled to some unknown, safer place were pain is bearable for his terribly, almost inhumanly vulnerable heart.

He suffers for others in a way very few human beings do, and they are normaly called 'Saints', his androgynous, incredibly ethereal beauty comparable to the ones we call 'Angels'.

So what's the idea Subaru ultimately respresents? Is he the angel of love that falls victim of a world that doesn't deserve his blessed persence, maybe a creature forged out of softness and warmth, the figure of the girlish dreams of the perfect boy?

No matter which the answer can be, the one word that comes to mind when thinking of a person such as him will surely be Angel.

And we all love him.

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