dawn at the pleiades
[ Some little things you need to know to understand this site ]

Name: Sumeragi Subaru
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Birth date: February 19
Astrological Sign: Acquarius
Blood Type: A


Like it happens with most of the names belonging to Asian culture, Subaru's one bears further implications towards his own personality and story. He is first-named after a shiny group of seven stars belonging to the Taurus constellation -the Pleiades-, with the particularity that one of them, the brightest, is half appart from the rest. This comes as an almost direct symbolism to the way in which Subaru put all what he had been taught, told and warned during his entire life as a Sumeragi behind him by falling in love with his enemy and opposite, as well as his constant detachtment of the earthly life.

Also his family name bears the significance of "Emperor" and "Pride", a personality trait Subaru ironically seems to lack.

It is as well interesting to remark the movie 'The Last Emperor' in which the child inheritor of the dinasty is forced away from his childhood and drove into the world of adult responsibility, while also being kept appart from the crude reality of the world, something strikingly familiar to our lovely heroe's raising.

PRONUNCIATION: soo-meh-RAH-gee soo-BAH-roo


Subaru is the kind of person you usually spot in a crowd, not only due to his adorable physical endownments, but also because of the constant aura of romantic melancholy and innocence surrounding him. His dreamy attitude in everyday's life is always that of a stranger in a strangeland. Shy and introverted as he is to people, you can nevertheless find him confessing the story of his life to a person he has met a minute ago, provided that this person grants him the confidence and gentleness he needs to do so. Once the barrier of his deathly shyness is left behind, Subaru grows from loving others and caring about them even more that his own self, and can turn into the best and most loyal companion. The spontaneous tenderness he gives to all people can be so easily misunderstood, that being one of the main reasons he is so easy to fall in love with.

To go with his lovely pesonality, Subaru's innocent beauty is something that has brought him trouble more than once. Usually mistaken for a girl because of the delicacy of his body and features, he is thin to the point of anorexia, something that nevertheless gives him an alluring air of fragility that mirrors the vulnerability of his heart so well, his whole complexion a little too curvy for a teenage boy. A mane of feather-like ebony hair, turned-up nose and HUGE liquid green eyes stunning for their expressiveness complete the cute set, that proves breathtaking for both sexes. You'll usually see him clad in one of his twin sister's fashion choices, slender hands perpetually hidden behind gloves.

Beyond all this perfection, even Subaru bears some peeves of his own. He lives totally regardless of himself and is self-giving to the point of martyrdom, carrying the whole world's guilt on his narrow shoulders. Bearing the huge responsibility of being the Head of the Sumeragi Clan, he tends to consider himself as worthless for the job, usually being too severe with himself about many things a boy of his age wouldn't even pay attention to. A bit clumsy and childishly naive in his constant state of daydreamer, he has grown too acostumed to leaning on other, stronger figures of affection, something that makes him lack self-confidence, and his sensitiveness towards others' tragedies gets him into nearly constant suffering.

Loving to all humanity as he is, Subaru's whole life changes radically when he falls in love with the one "special person" he's been waiting for, and after he ackowledges this feeling, he loves with all the infinite devotion of his pure heart. Then no one else, or nothing else seems to exist but his one Beloved, and is that total surrender the one that can lead him to tragic consecuences.


Subaru was born to be the Thirteenth Head of the powerful and wealthy Sumeragi Clan, and therefore dedicate his life to Omnyoujitsu. He is the Leader of the most important spiritual Guides in Japan, and just like his father, he is meant to protect the eternal balance between Darkness and Ligth, though sometimes he finds himself wishing on a star he would have born a common boy whose lone concernings are going to school and surviving the overwhelming confusion of his awakening sexuality.

His dreams are as plain and simple as his heart: he loves animals, he loves people, he wants to make friends, fall in love and fulfill the goal of his life, that is to become an animal breeder. All through the Tokyo Babylon storyline his yearnings for a normal life are evident and almost heart breaking, aware as he is that all about his condition, personality and even feelings put him a mile appart from what a "normal" person is supposed to be. He suffers this anomaly complex since the very beginning of his life, and more than he suffers any other of his little dramas.


Apart from Ai no Tenshi (Japanese for 'Angel of Love', which is understood) Subaru's site is officially named Twilight Heaven, it's official colors being amber, orange and white, and the lyric selected as the official soundtrack is Under my Eyes.

Sunset and Dawn represent mystery, both of what the new day or new night may bring about, carrying also a romantic air of closure and beginning respectively. In this site, they roll into one as the concept of Twilight, which ultimately signifies Subaru's many mysteries, the end of his previous, innocent life and the uncertainty of the start of a new one.

If you listen once to Under my Eyes' lyrics and music, you'll discover it's a song about hope for perfect love, the search for something else other than pain, suffering and emptiness, all presented with a hue of romantic innocence. If you hear it twice after reading this, you'll know it's the perfect song for accompaining Subaru's story ^_^

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