mirror image

We will usually spot our weaknesses and deffects when we watch ourselves in a mirror.

We will think of how bad that color suits us, notice how much weight we put on lately, wonder if we should change that awful haircut, maybe the color of our eyes. We would be called arrogant and vain if we did the contrary.

But what happens when we look at ourselves in a mirror of flesh?

Subaru can almost assure to himself both him and Hokuto-chan were basically a single being that was splitted in two inside the uterous during some full-moon night when their mother made a wish on the north star.

And therefore everything was divided between them, forced as they were to exist as two different persons that eventhough needed each other to exist, as one. Everytime he'd look into the mirror of his sister's eyes he'd notice he kept the shyness, she the outrageousness, he was gifted with the softess, she with the passion, he is languid and ethereal, she is sensuous and lively. She is female, he male, and eventhough the sex lines appear almost totally blurred, she having the almost manly will and strenght, he the nearly feminine delicacy and fragility, he is her brother, she is his sister.

Everytime Subaru looks at her, he will see only the virtues he was denied, those for which he cannot feel envy. He loves her as he will never love himself, or at least the self that lays in his hands, not the one that likes to dress like a fairy tale princess and encourage forbidden romances in him.

Hokuto, with her personality being as overpowering and authoritative as his Grandmother, is the closest picture of a real mother Subaru has got to know, even surpassing the one the above mentioned Lady Sumeragi could ever achieve, distant and cold as she was to him. Hokuto herself is strict though loving, and presents to Subaru a much more amiable figure to lay himself upon.

She has always taken care of him, even when they were only children, knowing herself as the bravest and strongest of both. She is the one that encourages him to let go of his ultimately destructive self-giving attitude, worried as she is about him being hurt, though Hokuto herself is an eternal contradiction, for her dominating will and the way she always makes Subaru submit himself to her wishes only helps demolishing her supposed longings. And so, if Seishirou is decided to love Subaru, he'll have to accept Hokuto's check out and approval first.

Subaru, in their symbiotic relationship that seems as closed and hermetic as to have space left only for one more dearest person as Seishirou became to them, finds himself treated as the little sister Hokuto could never have: she dresses him, she advises him romantically about how to treat a man, she monitors his dates to the point of being kinky in her demmand for details.

Perhaps that attitude is also partially guilty of arising Subaru's homosexuality in the end.

The truth is both Sumeragi twins love each other to the point of suffering a tremendous crisis if they happen to be separated. A vivid example of this is the hopeless way in which Hokuto reacted once Subaru withdrew from the world of the living, knowing his love for Seishirou had stole him away from her, surpassed the love he felt for her as a sister, and therefore regrets having participated in the forge of Subaru's fatal infatuation.

Both are stone pillars to each other, as they had grown up having no one else to lean on. Both their lives are balanced in a delicate equilibrium that would collapse with the absense of any of them.

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