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Oh, yes. He's cute, he's shy, he's lovely and you just can't get enough of him. Fortunately, you and I are not the only ones suffering from the Subaru mania on the web.

Perfect as he may seem, Subaru certainly is the one who arises different, sometimes opposing opinions on Tokyo Babylon readers. So now you know what I think, share it or not, wouldn't you like to see what others are saying about the angel? Perhaps you think his life would have been different without Hokuto, maybe you just can't stand the way he dresses or only wish he would have never fallen in love with such a man as the Sakurazukamori? Many other people also share this thoughts.

Prime sources for Subaru fandom, the following links are surely going to provide you some hints about how completely inspiring he can be. And, who knows? Maybe you will also feel the need to start a Subaru-related web page as well!


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  • Sumeragi Subaru's character profile by Waruko
    Subaru's section at Ueno Park, featuring Subaru's personality, life and tastes.

  • Sumeragi Subaru's Tid-Bits by the BTB Fan Club
    Featuring some unnoficial and funny information about our common ideas on Subaru.

  • Subaru & Seishirou, Forbidden Lovers by Waruko
    Everything about the sweet, tragic romance, from the first sight to the deepest feelings.

  • Subaru's Naive Postcards by Waruko
    Send a Subaru postcard to the one you love.

  • Subaru's Homepage by Kris
    Wanna read Subaru's mind? Go to this very interesting page, featured as if Su-chan himself was the maintainer.

  • Shrine to Subaru by Souhi
    A site that walks the thin line between Subaru's innocence and the moment he fell from grace.

  • The Sumeragi Subaru Shrine by Psylocke
    One of the best analysis ever done on Subaru, with deep psycological reaches.

  • Lunatic Haven: Subaru Shrine by Lyra
    A small, cute page that certainly depicts the innocence of our heroe.

  • Subaru's Home author unknown
    A Chinese Subaru heaven, with a very special point of view.

  • Onmyouji Doomed Love Affairs by Ankoku-jin
    The illustrated version of Subaru's late, tragic romance with Seishirou, Sakura and Snow.

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