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The War God Series:

WG #1: Blame It on the Mistletoe actually surprised me with its pairing (no, it's neither H nor I), and, since I don't want to spoil the surprise, I won't tell you who it is. Go and have a taste - believe me, it works wonderfully!

WG #2: Solstice Dance is the much-anticipated and extremely sexy sequel to "Blame it on the Mistletoe", and I for one, can't wait for more A/J! Take my advice and have something cool to drink while you read this, or you might go up in flames!

WG #3: Another new A/J story, and the series has a (tentative) name, too! Bodes well for we non-traditional slash fans, doesn't it? And this one is another winner, as well, as Ares and Joxer find out the meaning of Belonging.

WG #4: Joxer takes a walk on a snowy day, and stumbles on a secluded spot where he is joined by his very appreciative lover in Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. Yet more steam for the twosome who are quickly becoming one of my favorites!

WG #5: Ares is happy - a little *too* happy - and it's making everyone on Olympus just a little nervous, including one of his most loyal henchmen. He's not going to be able to keep his lover a secret much longer, if A Day of Strife is any indication.

WG #6: There's trouble in the air, but the lovers take a couple of side trips in Prelude to War, including Joxer meeting a couple more of Ares' close family members.

WG #7: Joxer comes face-to-face with - well, you'll have to read it to find out, but believe me, you'll be impressed at how he handles himself. Although, Ares does a pretty good job of 'handling' him, too, in Journey to War.

WG #8: Ares and Joxer are trying to figure out just who among the gods is causing all of the problems, but aren't (happily for us!) neglecting each other, either, in Sex, Lies and Alibis.

WG #9: This is the first glimpse that we get inside the mind of the 'rogue' god, although Athea's keeping her cards close and holding all of us in suspense. See if you can figure out who it is, from their Musings.

WG #10: Ares gets himself into a dangerous position (no, not with Joxer, silly!), and has to have some help. Will Joxer be able to save him, or will he lose his godly lover in Elements of War.

WG #11: Ah, another peek into the mind of the 'rogue', and I still don't know who it is! Maybe you'll be able to figure it out better than I did, from reading Musings 2.

WG #12: Wow! This one's *wonderful* and *terrible* at the same time. Don't go off in a huff half-cocked (g) the way that I did, stick it out, believe me - there's a payoff in Consequences of War that you won't want to miss.

WG #13: I'm not the only one who wants this "Rogue" to get his/her due bigtime, right? Meanwhile, here's some more thoughts from the inside, in Musings 3.

WG #14: Okay - we know who it is, right? Right? Sigh. At least A and J are back together, if Joxer can just think of some way to pull Arry out of his depression. Hmm - I bet he thinks of something in Guises of War.

WG #15: I'm sorry. I was *away*, so I didn't update this forever, and believe me, I heard about it. H and I show up in this part (yum!), and A/J are together again, as more mortals are pulled into the plan to capture the rogue in Allies.

WG #16: Joxer's discovering more of his power (perhaps the better to help Ares with?), and nobody's around to dump water on their relationship in this one (um, sort of - pardon the pun!) until the very end, in Battle Stations.

WG #17: Um, it's a meeting of the minds (muscles?) when Xena, Gabrielle, Herc and Iolaus join Joxer and Ares for a pow-wow. Don't worry, it's not as tense as it *could* be in Allies 2.

WG #18: We all know that Ares and Joxer together can make the earth move, but, well - someone else can, too, and it's not such a great thing in Interlude.

WG #19: More insight into the 'rogue's' twisted little psyche, here - I really really really hope that she gets what's coming to her. . . Musings 4.

WG #20: Oh, my. That's all I'm gonna say - too much happens in this one, you're just going to have to read it all for yourself, and - oh, my, Opening Gambit.

WG #21: This is the sort of story that just makes you yell at the characters - "Don't go there! What are you doing? Look behind you!" Or maybe it's just me. Oh, well - find out what the rogue is up to now in Pawns.

WG #22: Challenging a King is the newest story in the series, and Athea's informed me (sob) that she'll be wrapping things up soon. Lots of *interesting* familial interaction in this one - I want more, and soon. :)

WG #23: Queen Beseiged finds us once again in the thick of battle - bad things are happening, people - I only hope that Athea, erm - I mean, the *rogue*, of course - lets the good guys get their own. :)

WG #24: Checkmate is nearly the end, and I want it to be over and I don't want it to be over, you know what I mean? *sigh* I just don't want anyone to *hurt* anymore, that's all. :)

WG #25: Aftermath sadly brings us to the end of the War God series - although I suspect that if everyone is really, really good with the feedback, Athea will gift us with some more A/J fiction. . . (Not subtle, am I? :)

The War God 2 Series:
WG2 #1: Ah, yes, Athea has returned to A/J and the other gods and goddesses of Olympus, much to my delight! Feelings brings together a new couple in the aftermath of the fight over the Rogue God. . .

WG2 #2: You, What? is something of Ares' reaction to the new pairing back home, and Joxer is once again the one who sees him through it. . .

WG2 #3: Risks: The gods and goddesses of Olympus are still feeling the aftershocks of the battle, and have come up with a plan to renew their energy. Will Ares and Joxer be able to survive the cure?

WG2 #4: Old friends are reunited, but the circumstances aren't entirely happy, as the gods attempt to restore their power, at an unknown cost, in More Risks.

WG2 #5: Recovery: Ares and Joxer encounter another unique experience while enmeshed in the Chaos energy - will they be able to return, or will the experience change them forever?

WG2 #6: Joxer and Ares experience a very intimate form of connection, long-missed, which hopefully will spark a Renewal for the other gods and mortals in their lives, too. . .

WG2 #7: Wow - I was not expecting this twist, but somehow it makes perfect sense for the boys to continue their relationship in a *very* special new way - with the inclusion of a very special person. . .New Beginnings.

WG2 #8: Joxer searchs for the perfect Solstice gift on their first anniversary.

WG2 #9: East, West, Home's the Best: A childhood sickness attacks Joxer and he must come to term with some memories of his past.

WG2 #10: Making Peace with the Past: Ares must deal with the fall out from Joxer's trip home.

WG2 #11: What Dreams May Come: Iolaus is having bad dreams so he goes to ask Ares why.

WG2 #12: Waking Dreams: Iphicles learns something about the nature of healing and dreams.

WG2 #13: Dite's Delight: The disturbance in the Void grows while the gods search for a way to stop it.

WG2 #14: Duties: The lack of sleep is taking its toll on everybody.

WG2 #15: Labor Pains: The trip into the Void doesn't quite go as planned.

WG2 #16: New Birth

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