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updated December 27, 1999

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The City of Death Series:

Casey's brain malfunctions while Dan's away, in Cleveland.

Dan and Casey deal with a formidable obstacle to talking, in Treasure.

Natalie challenges Casey to learn something new about Dan, in Creaming.

A talk with Dan leaves Casey with a few Things to think about.

Dana confronts Dan after seeing him give Casey one more thing to think about, in Consideration.

Casey's done thinking, in Elevated.

Keeping the thing out of the office is harder than Dan and Casey thought it would be, in Frustration.

The guys have some Non-problems with closets, places, and Dana.

Plans - Danny has a problem. Casey has a plan.

The guys help each other get through take-off, in Buzzing.

The guys arrive in the City of Death and go to bed, in Sleep.

Talking - The guys talk. Quietly.

Danny and Casey are still in bed and they're still naked. And things are progressing, in Interruptus.

Necessities: Dan gets back from doing the job thing...and finds Casey.

You can find out more about "Sports Night" at the Open Directory Listing for the show.

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