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The first story is in a very unique new series - don't scoff until you've given the story a try, it's really quite extraordinary.

The V Series:

4/98 - After a lot of thought and work, Tom's secret benefactor and protector decides to reveal his identity, leaving the Pilot with an even more powerful ally than he'd realized, in V.

7/98 - Volant: The relationship between Ship and Pilot gets a little rocky in the days before Tom's warp ten flight. Second in the 'V' Series.

The Stage Direction Series:

Tom thinks about his life and past relationships as he performs maintenance on Voyager, in Ssst.
B'Elanna visits a comatose Tom, in Growl.
Neelix pays Tom a visit, in Chuckle.
Harry's turn to see Tom, who has yet to regain consciousness, in Sob.
Neelix talks to Tom again, in Grin.
Chakotay's attempt at ordering Tom to wake up, in Sigh.
Neelix asks a favor of Tom, which he grants, in Smile.
Tom's thoughts are largely centered around Neelix as he rests in his quarters, in Yawn.
Tom's back amongst the conscious, sleeping in his quarters.  Neelix is . . . thinking, in Whisper.
Tom awakens to find Neelix still with him in Groan.
Tom's awake, Neelix is awake, and the talking begins in Hover.
Harry and B'Elanna both need to talk to Tom, but he's keeping company with Neelix, in Waffle.
Tom and Neelix talk, *really* talk, for the first time in five years, in Comfort.
Tom's up, about, and bored out of his skull, in Fidget.
Neelix comes up with something for Tom to do until he's back on duty, in Grimace.
After their stroll through holographic New Orleans, the guys get cooking, in Sizzle.
Tom hasn't been taking care of himself, so Neelix takes over, in Glare.
After lunch, Neelix does what he can to help Tom relax, in Shrug.
More of Neelix's thoughts while Tom sleeps, in Doze.
Tom considers love and life as Neelix sleeps, in Snort.
The guys are awake and talking about past relationships and Neelix makes Tom a promise, in Whack.
A summons to Sickbay preempts dinner plans for Tom and Neelix in Stretch.
After leaving Sickbay, Tom has to deal with even more unpleasantness, in Snicker.
Tom finds something to cheer up Neelix, but receives a gift of his own, in Pace.
One gift leads to another, in Hug.
Tom thinks about Kes as he and Neelix head to dinner, in Clink.
Neelix remembers Kes, thinks about Tom, and has to Wonder at it all . . .
An enjoyable dinner, with conversation and music, ends on an unexpected note, in Kiss.
Tom and Neelix discover something else they have in common, in Doubt.
The end of his and Tom's evening together catches Neelix by Surprise.
A quiet morning has Tom contemplating all the things he has to be grateful for, in Cuddle.
The crew begins to react to Tom and Neelix, in Ahem.
Kathryn and Chakotay discuss the newest relationship on board, and its possible consequences, in Confer.
Tom and Neelix talk about their future while they Recover from breakfast.
Chakotay talks to Tom about the pilot's relationship with Neelix, in Rant.
Tom's still angry after his talk with Chakotay and Neelix deals with it in his own inimitable fashion, in Soothe.
One man's musings on the alien strangeness of the other, in Hold.
Tom and Neelix realize that even their differences are similar, in Whistle.
Harry tries to talk to Tom, thinking he's got the pilot's relationship with Neelix all figured out, in Feel.
Tom learns that a public declaration of his feelings can have some unexpected repercussions when a Talaxian is involved, in Squeak.
Neelix reflects on home, and Tom, in Move.
Neelix shares his passion for bathtubs with Tom, in Splash.
Another complication rears its head for Tom, in Shiver.
Neelix seeks the Doctor's help in warming Tom up, in Advise.
Tom tells Neelix what he's gained, and lost, in Fly.
Tom finds a surprising ally in B'Elanna, in Reconcile.
Chakotay and Tom clear up some old misunderstandings, in Mend.
Tom's back at the Conn and Neelix is planning for Prixia, in Miss.
Neelix deems it about time to pay Harry a visit, in Chat.
Harry and Tom make peace and move closer to rediscovering their friendship, in Forgive.
The Prixia festivities begin under Neelix's watchful eye, in Give.
The series ends with Tom and Neelix having another reason to celebrate, in Join.

Other Voyager Stories:

10/98 - Tom's efforts to discover what's bothering Chakotay reveal that they both have the same problem, in Harrying.

10/98 - Someone's Haunting Tom.  But, who?

11/98 - A visitor from another universe tells everyone how different things are where he comes from, and the news holds a few surprises for the crew, in Darkly.
Because "Darkly" is such an enormous file - over 200Kb - it is also available as a WinZip file for download.

11/97 - Tom, Harry and Chakotay pay the author a visit after realizing that one pairing is getting more action than the other, in Fairness.

11/98 - The boys descend on the author again, in Unfairness.

The "A" Series:

continued from the C/P and P/K pages

2/99 - Chakotay and Harry realize that the best way to deal with Tom's death is to do it together, in Anguish.

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