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The C/P Stories:

1/97 - Chakotay goes to the holodeck to apologize to Tom, and finds him Stewing in a hot tub filled with...what *is* that stuff?

3/97 - After Tom and Chakotay have an accident on an away mission, Tom has to get them out of it.  The after-effects leave him with a problem only Chakotay can help with, in Falling.

9/97 - Tom's gumshoe holoprogram ends with him accused of the crime, and at the mercy of Chakotay, who takes charge of the Interrogation.  Gods love a man who enjoys his work!

9/97 - Tom's latest prank backfires and Chakotay takes his revenge in a jefferies tube in It.

12/97 - After an ugly breakup, circumstances in two quadrants, a ship called  Integrity, and a child named Parry conspire to bring Tom and Chakotay back together.

5/98 - Chakotay's misunderstanding with an alien brings about Tom's execution and a second chance at life for Tom leads to drastic changes for them all, in Resurrection.

3/99 - It's taken a long time, but Tom and Chakotay finally end up together, in Release.

3/99 - When Chakotay catches his current lover being unfaithful, he heads to his former lover, with whom he now has a lot more in common, in Stay.

An accident has injured Chakotay, but his relationship with Tom is suffering even more, in Insight.

A planet-stranded Tom and Chakotay work out the last of their differences, while a surprise awaits Tom back on Voyager, in Doppelganger.

The History Series:

8/98 - #1: Chakotay thinks over some of the history he shares with Tom, in Comrade-in-Arms.

8/98 - #2: Tom's turn to think about history, in Call-to-Arms.  Sequel to Comrade-in-Arms.

8/98 - #3: Chakotay and Tom help each other deal with the aftermath of their recovered memories, in Men-at-Arms.

8/98 - #4: Chakotay recalls his and Tom's efforts to put their past into perspective, allowing them both to make plans for their future, in Up-in-Arms.

1/98 - When Tom convinces Chakotay to use him to make Kathryn jealous, their pretend relationship sparks some very real and unexpected results, in Outrageous.  Prequel to Yvette's Tuvok/Kim series.

3/98 - Tom wonders how much longer he and Chakotay will have together before the Captain comes between them until a certain Ensign's feelings for a certain Vulcan provide some needed distraction, in Impossible.  The sequel to 'Outrageous'.

4/98 - After Chakotay and Janeway finally return from New Earth, Tuvok works to repair the damage to his relationship with Harry and seeks some help from Tom, who's no happier since Chakotay's return than he was during his lover's absence, in Perceptive.  Sequel to 'Outrageous' and 'Impossible'.

9/98 - A series of missed connections drives Chakotay and Tom even farther apart, while Tuvok and Harry work to repair their own relationship, in Infuriating.

The companion Tuvok/Kim stories by Yvette are now available on AiR space as well - simply follow the link to The Tuvok/Kim Slash Page.

The 'A' series:

7/97 - A fun evening spent together leaves Tom and Chakotay much more friendly than the Adversaries they used to be.

8/97 - Chakotay and Tom pursue a relationship in Allies, but why is Harry so distraught?

10/97 - Tom and Chakotay continue to enjoy being together, following their Acknowledgement of their feelings for one another, while Harry regrets missing his chance with Tom.

11/97 - An Argument with Chakotay leads to a revelation from Harry and Tom has to deal with his friend's true feelings.

12/97 - A kiss with Harry returns to haunt Tom's dreams, while Chakotay takes Advantage of the, er, side-effects.

2/98 - Chakotay's overly possessive nature leads to the end of his and Tom's relationship, while Harry offers his friend what support he can, in Attrition.

Ah, if you've been following this series faithfully, you've probably guessed that it's taken a bit of a turn. It isn't finished, however - you're just going to have to go to here to find the rest of it, as well as some other tasty Amirin stories.

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