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The A Series:

2/98 - Harry’s dream of having a deeper relationship with Tom comes true in a way he never anticipated, when Tom is Awakened from a dream of his own.

3/98 - Harry seems unwilling to take a more active role in his and Tom's new relationship, prompting Tom to seek B'Elanna's help, in Assertiveness.

4/98 - Another enjoyable evening spent together puts Tom and Chakotay's friendship back on solid ground, in Absolution.

8/98 - Tom makes sure Harry has some well-deserved down time, after a dismal day of ship's maintenance, in Adored.

8/98 - Disaster strikes when Tom, Harry, and Chakotay go on an away mission together, in Avalanche.

Note: This series is being continued; further stories can be found on the Other Voyager Stories page.

The I Feel Hot Series:

6/97 - Tom and Harry's relationship changes dramatically after a near-fatal accident almost costs Harry his life, in Ignition.

7/97 - Tom and Harry are both Famished, but an early break for lunch lets them satisfy a different kind of appetite.

7/97 - A few verbal thrusts lead to another kind, but the consequences are worth it for Tom and Harry, in Escalation.

8/97 - Tom, Harry, and a sauna.  The heat rises to new levels, in Evaporation.

10/97 - Tom and Harry spend a lazy morning in bed, then enjoy a rare day off together, in Lassitude.

6/98 - Tom and Harry discuss various uses of the words 'I do' and 'Yes' in Hallelujah.

9/98 - Tom and Harry think back on their wedding, and the contributions of the crew that made it memorable, in Overboard.

Tubthumper - The boys in a bathtub. 'Nuff said.

Yours, Mine, and Ours:

2/97 - Harry is trapped on a planet where time has gone crazy and Tom defies orders to go down and be with him. Their relationship takes an unexpected turn soon after, in Yours.

3/97 - Years pass as Tom and Harry adjust to a life together on their planet, while the crew works frantically to find a way to bring them home, in Mine.

3/97 - After Tom and Harry are rescued, they find themselves having to deal with much more than just their new life on Voyager, in Ours.

The Q Ball Series:

3/98 - One year after his abduction and violent death, Tom is returned to Voyager by Q, with whom he's spent the last 240 years in a custom-made 'afterlife', in Scratched.

Q pays Tom a visit, talking and other pleasures ensue, in Break.

The Bound in Blood Series:

6/98 - After an alien assault dramatically alters Harry's life, Tom takes matters into his own hands in an effort to ease his friend's suffering, in Consanguinity.

3/99 - Tom and Harry deal with the challenges of being together until a crisis leaves Harry's secret, and their relationship, vulnerable, in Exsanguination.

5/00 - Harry's nature is revealed after Tom's efforts to keep him alive come to light but the aftermath is not quite what they expected, in Sanguinary.

Other P/K Stories:

9/97 - An encounter with an alien species leaves Tom transformed and trapped as a wild animal, in danger of losing his humanity, until Harry chooses to help him, in Animalia.

3/99 - A short PWP involving Tom, Harry, and Harry's ears, in Licked.

8/97 - After helping an alien begin a new life with the one he loves, Tom is given the means to start fresh, with Harry, in Consecration.

2/98 - A series of Wagers adds a whole new dimension to Tom and Harry's friendship and they both end up winning.

10/98 - Tom comes to the rescue after Harry gets Bitten during an away mission.

10/98 - A bet, a promise, and the Captain's middle name give Harry a chance to show Tom just how Underhanded he can be.

11/97 - A purple-prosed parody of sweeping desire and passion's storm, which buffets Tom and Harry about on here-to-fore uncharted seas of love and lust, in Harlequin.

2/99 - Actions speak louder than words as Tom and Harry have help discovering new things about one another.

4/99 - Tom. Harry. A holodeck. The resort. A lounge chair. Sunrise. Tides.

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