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The fiction below is slash, meaning consenting adult males are usually having sex.  If this is not what you were expecting, or if it is illegal for you to be reading erotic literature, please leave now.  However, if you choose to stay, I invite you to share my current passions...Star Trek Voyager and Sentinel Slash!  No infringements of Star Trek, Paramount, Sentinel, or Pet Fly copyrights is intended.

Constructive or positive feedback on any of these stories is warmly welcomed and always answered.  Flames are carefully placed in the trash folder so why waste your time?

Derora (derora@erols.com)

Star Trek: Voyager

Paris/Kim Fiction

"True Confessions" (G)
October 1997
Summary:  A silly snippet on resemblances to Tom and Harry (and Chakotay)

"This Little Piggy"  (NC-17)
December 1997
Summary:  Tom and Harry celebrate an anniversary with a private act in a public place.

"The Devil's Playground" (NC-17)
May 1998
Summary: Tom and Harry are bored.

"More to Love" (NC-17)
July 1998
Summary: Tom's insecurities require some loving reassurance from Harry.

Chakotay/Paris Fiction

"Finger Painting"  (NC-17)
November 1997
Summary:  Tom has a sweet surprise for Chakotay.  (A response to a challenge on the CPSG to write a 500 word story.)

"The Prince and the Pea"  (R)
or, Bedtime for the CPSG
January 1998
Summary:  A retelling of "The Princess and the Pea" with Tom Paris and Chakotay in the starring roles.  Will they live happily ever after?

"The Frog Princes" (G)
January 1998
Summary:  Another bedtime story for the CPSG, this one a short variation of "The Frog Prince."

"Night Music" (NC-17)
February 1998
Summary: Tom has a present for Chakotay that they both enjoy.

"Over" (PG)
July 2000
Summary: Tom analyses his relationships. Previously published in "Aleph Null," a Voyager zine from Infinity Press (entire zine now available as a PDF file at http://www.chisp.net/~zoerayne/infarch.html).

The Sentinel

Something in the Air (NC-17)
January 1999
Summary:  An evening in the park where there's more than music in the air.

New fiction added slowly but surely, so please check back!

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