Welcome to the Fold
You probably shouldn't be here, but if you are, welcome.

Still married, 4 years later...

For those of you that are interested, this page was last altered: September 19, 2006 (yes, still going three years between updates.)

I have a livejournal, for those that are interested. It gets updated on a moderately frequent basis.

Currently I am going to grad school at Georgia Tech, working towards my PhD. I'm doing a semester project on spam, so I'm seeding this page with tripod@sapm.org to see if it gets harvested. Don't try to mail me there.

Other Neato Stuff

Me: The FAQ.
My CD archive, plus lyrics for many albums.
Spank-Happy Links.
Pictures of me and my friends.
My piercings.
I'm not opinionated.
Straight from the Lawn Gnome.

sad, sad people have actually been bored enough to check out my site since tripod fucked up my counter May 7th. Before then, i had around 5500 hits.