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N Terms

NANP: North American Numbering Plan determines and administers the telephone numbering system for the US., Canada and Mexico. It is administered by Bell Communications Research ~ellcore) as a service to carriers.

Narrow Band: A narrow frequency band typically comparable to the three KHz bandwidth of a telephone channel.

NCTA: National Cable Television Association.

NII: National Information Infrastructure.

Node: A branching or exchange point for networks.

Noise: An unwanted random signal.

NTIA: National Telecommunication and Information Administration (part of the Department of Commerce).

NTSC: National Television System Committee: (1) The group that established the color TV transmission system in the United States. (2) Used to refer to the North American broadcast scanning standard for television of 525 lines per frame at a rate of 30 frames per second.

NVOD: Near video on demand: Transmission of a program such as a movie at frequent intervals so that the wait time is minimized. The availability simulates VOD although true VCR functionality such as pause, fast forward, and rewind are not available. A Pseudo-pause may be offered by allowing the viewer to switch to the next closest scheduled playing time if they wish to pause their viewing

Nyquist Sampling: Sampling at or above twice the maximum bandwidth of a signal.