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The HDW700 High Definition Camcorder

Basic Camera Setups

Pixel Defects Link

Betacam SX Information Page

DXCD30 Information Page

16 By 9 Resolution Information

CCD Technology - History

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Welcome to the Broadcast Camera Support Page. Here we hope you can find many things to help you with your camera questions and issues.We try and be objective in our views, and not focus on any one manufacturer, idea, problem or issue. We like to hear from  you, the reader with your ideas, findings and suggestions. No idea is too unusual to consider, no suggestion will be ignored.  

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- Help for You and Your Camera -

We can help with Custom Setups for your camera. You want a Special Look; No Problem. We can help you with your special look for your camera.  We try and supply the answers to those hard questions. We try and find solutions to issues with your camera. Ask us, and we will answer. No question too hard, or to unusual for an answer from us. Give us a try!!  (Back to Top)

- Product / Issue Support -

We will work with you to get support from the various manufactures if you have a a problem with your camera. And you can use our site to make others aware of issues with your camera.
(Back to Top)

- Sharing Ideas -

Please feel free to share your ideas with us, so we may share them with all that read this page. New ideas are always welcome. But don't be surprised if others have differing ideas.  It's new ideas and suggestions that will help to shape new cameras and camera support products. (Back to top)

Stay with us. This page will evolve as time goes on. More information about NEW products will be available, as will suggestions on what direction the industry is moving towards. We will be here for you, no matter what happens in the future. The camera will always be that special device that can create the most wonderful of images, and you are the people that make it happen.

- Some Notes About This Site -

The buttons at the left will take you to various pages within our site.

Selecting a Tech is a page of information about how to select a qualified technician to service and align your camera. It includes questions to ask and some ideas for you, the camera owner/operator to consider.

The Evaluation Form is an example of a typical Broadcast Camera Clinic Evaluation Form. Camera Terms, is a page that explains the terms on the Evaluation  Form, and tells you a little information about them. The Evaluation Form and the Camera Terms Page are interactively related.

Matrix Info is a page on information on what the camera matrix is and how to set it up. It contains some suggestions on chart to use , and how to set up the matrix yourself. Check it out if you are planning to change the look of your camera.

D600/D700 is a collection of pages about setting up either of the two cameras for various film or camera matching looks. One of the pages contains complete setups for various Eastman film stocks and camera matches, while the other page contains information on uses of gama, matrix and detail to match film stocks and other cameras.

The NEW DVWs is a NEW section about our recent experience with the NEW Sony DVW709 Digital Betacam recorder. This section also contains our opinions and experiences with and  regarding this unit, and the two other units, the DVW707 and the DVW790. This is a section to read before you buy.

The NEW BSC-1F1 section contains information about the new Film Look Digital Gamma Setup Cards, and how to use them. If you are serious about using your DVW700 or DVW700WS with a film look, this is a section to check out now. Any of the D600/D700 pages can be handy if you are trying to match  or make a special look.

Another new section, The HDW700A section contains some brief information on Sony's latest High Definition cam /corder and it's abilities. Also a listing of all the specs for the camera and the recorder, along with information about what might be coming in the future.  

Basic Setups is a section about adjusting your older, non-digital camera for various specialized looks.  It includes a basic "Broadcast" setup, and a pair of specialized set ups. One is a version of the original Al Giddings - Ocean Images look, while the other is a version of a National Geographic look.  There is also an explanation of what parts of the look are subjective and what parts are critical. Check it out if you are interested in an original look for your older camera.  

Pixel Defects explains the mystery of the white spot you might have seen on a CCD camera over the years. This page has some theories as to what causes them and how to try and prevent them.

Betacam SX is a brief piece of information about a new Sony Digital Tape Product that I find quite exciting!

The DXCD30 Info, is a page about the NEW Sony professional camera and some of it's features.

In the 16 X 9 Info page we now have some great information regarding the resolution differences between 4 X 3 and 16 X 9 aspect ratios. This section explains the lines per megahertz difference, and how the two aspect ratios compare.  

CCD History is a NEW section that gives you an informational background on CCD image sensors and how they have evolved to become the image sensor of choice used in all types of video cameras today.  

Lens Theory is our most recently added section. Here you can find out about how your lens works. We also explain chromatic abberation, ramping (F-Drop), and why lenses do what they do. This section contains some great optical theory, combined with some basic information regarding lenses and optics for video cameras.

The NEW Video Terms section is a sort of dictionary of many video terms used in the industry today. It also includes explanations of those multi-letter abbreviations you have always wondered about.

In Your Comments, we now have a great section for your comments regarding our site. Just fill out the form you find there and submit it! It's much easier than trying to word some mail, and you can leave personal comments in the text areas if you would like.

The NEW Classified Ads Section, is a great place to put that camera you want to sell, or to advertise your services.  This is a new feature for our site.  Feel free to post your ad for sale items, or "want " items, or a message about your services, (camera operator, lighting, editing, equipment rental, etc.).  Please note that we do reserve the right to remove any ads we feel are inappropriate for this site.

NEW to us is our own Camera Forum. We are working on making The Broadcast Camera Forum a great place to express your opinion of things in the camera world. Check it out, and read what other have written about their camera issues.

We have also become a Barnes & Noble afilliate book seller. Here is your chance to look up all hose broadcast books you have wanted, and you can get them at a great price.  Click on the button, Barnes & Noble Books, and drop by this section and open your own title, keyword or author search for the perfect book.  

Next we have our HTML Help Links.  This is our collection of shareware or free ware sites that were used to make these pages here. That means we have have personally used  and recommend all of the programs we link to.  If you are thinking of making your own web page, check this section out!  

Our Statistics give you a view of all the people that have visited us this year. This section also tells you from what country we are getting some of our visitors from,  how many hits per month and other interesting bits of information.

Finally the Frames Version button allows you to vist our mirror site of this one that uses Frames instead of full pages.

The links, in the graphic,at the top of the page take you to various manufacturers camera pages, and to lens, tripod , battery and other support pages. Please take a moment to read our News Letter. It contains some more information about our site, and current news about many other interesting things. Please feel free to check it all out!  If you know of some other links I could add, please write me with them. Please come back often, as this site will continually evolve. Thanks for dropping by!!

Camera Dave
Copyright © 1998 Camera Dave Limited Partnership
We are also looking for sponsors for this site. We are looking for both corporate or individual sponsors. If you are interested, please mail Camera Dave at the "Send me some mail!" link at the top of your page. Thanks for your consideration. (Back to top)
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