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- Betacam SX -
The NEW Digital Betacam Format

This product is a great alternative to Analog Betacam SP.  The camera section has many features never before available on Sony cam/corders outside of the studio cameras or the High End cam/corders.  These cameras have up to +42 Db gain, flesh tone detail circuits, and programmable set up cards, like the BVWD600 and DVW700 have.  These cam/corders are becoming very popular with both news and production people. The resulting quality of image from this camcorder is at least that of Betacam SP, if not better. This is a true digital format - Which means No More Dropouts!  It appears to be a very robust format to work with,  and should have the same reliability of the older BVW300/BVW400/BVWD600 series.  Custom setups for the camera are not a problem;  you can store the information in the BSC-1 set up cards and transfer it from camera to camera*.  Quite a nice set of features, if I do say so myself!!!! At this time, we do not have any information on specialized,  pre-programmed setups for this camera.  We are working on creating some for you and possibly obtaining some from Sony.  If you have a specialized setup for one of the DNW cameras,  and are willing to share it,  send it to us, so we can put it on line for other camera operators.

Some of the Specifications for the DNW series

The camera sections of all the DNW series incorporate 10-bit/36MHz full digital signal processing. The DNW7 has dedicated 4:3 2/3-inch Hyper HAD IT CCDs with 520K(NTSC).The DNW9WS and the DNW90WS both have 2/3-inch dedicated 16:9/4:3 switchable, Widescreen Power HAD CCDs with 520K(NTSC). The DNW9WS uses an IT sensor, while the DNW90 (4:3) and DNW90WS uses FIT sensors. Also available are the DNW9 and the DNW90 both have dedicated 4:3 Power HAD CCD sensors. The DNW9 uses an IT sensor array, while the DNW90 uses an FIT sensor array. The Hyper HAD sensor sensitivity is normally f8@2000 Lux, while the Power HAD is roughly one f-stop more sensitive under the same conditions. All the cameras have Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW) capability and have Turbo Gain functions of up to +42dB. All the cameras have variable electronic shutters; The NTSC cameras have speeds of: 1/100, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000 and 1/2000 (second), plus a variable vertical shutter for Clear Scan. The DNW90 and DNW90WS have Extended Clear Scan, due to the FIT image sensors. Each camera is equipped with a wide 2-inch monochrome viewfinder (with horizontal resolution of 600 TV lines in 4:3 mode and 450TV lines in 16:9 mode).

Note: We have just found out  that the DNW series can use a Pool Feed input adapter. The adapter model number is the CA702, which is a new Sony product that allows you to use your camcorder as a pool feed recorder. To use this adapter, you will need to contact your local Sony Broadcast Service Center, and see if your unit needs to be upgraded for use with the CA702, Pool Feed adapter or if the adapter will work with your unit as it is. (According to Sony, all of the units currently being sold, will work fine with the CA702.) Note: We apologize for announcing that the CA702 was a Serial Digital adapter. Apparently we received some "bad" information from our informing sources.

All the camcorders feature the Betacam SX digital recording system in the VTR section. The Betacam SX digital recording system uses a component digital recording format, with the advanced compression algorithm of MPEG2 4:2:2P@ML. All have 4 channels of 16-bit/48kHz digital audio. They all use the same size cassette tape as Betacam SP, which gives you up to 60 minutes on a single S-cassette. You can also use your current Betacam SP metal tapes in all of the camcorders for a great digital picture; (in the Betacam SX units, recording time is double the stated time of the Betacam SP tape). The recorder section provides a 'Good Shot Marker' & 'REC. Start Marker' functions to speed the editing process. You get full color playback anywhere, without an external adaptor.(Isn't digital wonderful!) You can get approximately 165 minutes of continuous operation with a BP-L90 lithium-ion battery and 110 minutes with a BP-L60.

*Note: we understand that the Setup Cards, BSC-1, if used in one of the DNW camera models cannot be transferred to another camera of a different model number. So, if you store a setup from a DNW7 in your setup card, it cannot be transferred to a DNW9WS or a DNW90WS. Also, any setup created with a DVW700 or BVWD600 cannot be read by any of the DNW series. Nor can any of the setup cards created with the DNW series be read by the DVW700 or BVWD600. (And, once a setup card has been "initialized" in a camera type, it cannot be erased and used in another camera type.)

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