Camera Clinic Camera Evaluation Form

Date: ___________     Model: ____________ Serial #: _________

Customer Name: _____________________________ Phone: ____ ____ ______

Customer Address:________________________________________________________                                                                               (Street)                             (City)                                  ( ZIP)

Please click on the Underlined, Blue words for a detailed explanation of that step of the evaluation form. The words will become Magenta once you have visited the explanation page.

Camera Settings

White Balance

3200 Degree / Preset Balances: O.K. _____ Needs Adjustment: _____

Color Shift = Yellow __ Red __ Magenta __ Blue __ Cyan __ Green __

The Camera Preset Balances may have a color difference when shooting the Sony PTB 500 Pattern Box. The Pattern Box is set at 3200 degrees +/- 20 degrees, so it is a very accurate color temperature.

Black/Pedestal Balances

Pedestal - 0db: O.K. ___ Needs Adjustment: ___ Black - 9db - O.K. ____ Needs Adjustment: ___

Black -18db - O.K. ___ Needs Adjustment: ____  

Color Shift = Yellow __ Red __ Magenta __ Blue __ Cyan __ Green __

Gamma Setting: 55 IRE: __ 58 IRE: __ Factory: __ Other: _____

Gamma Balance: O.K. _____ Needs Adjustment: _____

Color Shift = Yellow __ Red __ Magenta __ Blue __ Cyan __ Green __

Knee Point: 100 IRE: __ 98 IRE: __ 96 IRE: __ Other: _____ Balance: O.K. _____ Needs Adjustment: _____

Color Shift = Yellow __ Red __ Magenta __ Blue __ Cyan __ Green __

White Clip: 100 IRE: __ 103 IRE: __ 105 IRE: __ 107 IRE: __ 110 IRE: __ 115 IRE: __

Other (As Noted): ___________

Balance: O.K. _____ Needs Adjustment: _____

Color Shift = Yellow __ Red __ Magenta __ Blue __ Cyan __ Green __

Checked Detail: Y/N:___  Level: ______%

As DETAIL is a subjective setting, and may be adjusted by the user, we have evaluated the level only. Adjustments may be made by the camera owner, camera operator, or technician to the level desired

Zebra Setting: 75%: ___ 90%: ___ 95%: ___ 100%: ___ Other: _____

Linear Matrix - (This is here for reference to our explanation sheet only - there is no "normal" evaluation of the Matrix/Masking circuitry as each camera can be set individually for a different "look". Consult with your technician, dealer or manufacturer for more information on how this can be used.)

Encoder - Color Bars Check Bars:

Chroma Level - O.K. ___ Needs Adjustment: ___ Chroma Level - High: ___ Low: __

Setup: 7.5 IRE: ____ Needs Adjustment ___

White: O.K. ____ Needs Adjustment ____

Customer Supplied Lens: Yes: ___ No: ___ Fujinon:___ Canon: ___ Nikon: ___

Other:___ Manufacturer: ______________________

If your camera is not brought in with a LENS, we will provide one. Hence, we cannot guarantee this evaluation to be completely accurate without the lens that is normally used with the camera.


All camera settings are actually up to the user or owner of the camera. We are evaluating the Pre-Set values of your camera to see where they are set, and if they meet 3200 degree standards. We are also checking your encoder to verify that it works correctly. If we find a problem, we will note it above and in the Additional Comments section of this evaluation form.

Please feel free to view the Camera Question & Answer page for information on how to select a qualified technician for the alignment and servicing of your camera.

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