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News Flash: The DVW700  has been replaced! Introduced NAB, 1999, the DVW707, DVW709 and DVW790. The DVW707 is a dedicated 4:3 IT Power HAD camera, the DVW709 is a dedicated 16:9 IT Power HAD camera, and the DVW790 is a 16:9 FIT Power HAD camera. All will be using 12 bit processing similar to the BVP570 camera. Unfortunately your current Setup Cards will NOT work in these newer models, along with the Film Look Digital Gamma Setup Cards.

Note: These setups are designed only for the 10 bit processing cameras; BVWD600 and theDVW700(WS) cameras. They will not give you the "look" nor performance you would expect when used in any of the NEW DVW700 series cameras.  We are working on transposing the information for use on the NEW DVW series camcorders currently. Please be patient, as transposing then testing the information  takes time.

Following are several pages of settings for the BVWD600, DVW700 and the DVW700WS, Wide Screen version. One page has a complete listing of all the original settings, while the other has only Gamma, Detail and Matrix settings. The third section contains information on the new BSC-1F1 Digital Film Look Gamma Setup Cards. This is NEW information I have just received. These settings were given to me by various Sony Sales Reps over a period of time. The original Settings include matching the BVW400A look, the BVP90 look, several Eastman Film Stock looks, a High Saturation Color look , a look for use with Videssence Lighting,  a look to match the HL-57/55IR, a CCIR-709 look and the Factory Look. I can't guarantee the original settings are perfect, nor are they exact. They can be used as a good starting point for setting up your camera for specialized looks. The BSC-1F1 looks are based on more exacting information from secret Sony source. You will also need the matching BSC-1F1 Pack setup card kit. If you would like any of the data as a text file or a spread sheet, please write me. I will see about making them available as downloads here. Now, click on the one of your choice below. Please note that you can view any of the pages at any time!

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