The DXC-D30 Digital Processing Camera

Be sure to check out Sony'sDXC-D30 digital processing camera with TRIAX capability.
It has features never before available in a camera that is so inexpensive to own.
And now it is available in a
Wide Screen 16X9 version for those special productions.
This camera is one 'f' stop more sensitive than any other camera Sony has had in the professional or broadcast line. The Triax system is the same style as their Broadcast Cameras. It has a NEW remote panel , which has features that are not available on many of  Sony's current Broadcast camera/CCU combinations. And, trust me, this camera can be set up to look like any top of the line Broadcast style camera. I know; I've done it. Drop by your local
Sony Dealer and explore this new  and exciting professional camera product.

The "Triax System" consists of the DXCD30(WS), a CATX7 Triax adapter, the CCUTX7 and either the control panel for the CCU or the RCPTX7 remote control panel. I recommend the RCPTX7 as you have much more control over the camera functions and features. It is quite a remarkable control panel for any camera! Or you can package the DXCD30(WS) with a DSR 1 for DVCAM recordings, a PVV1A for SP betacam, or a BVV5 for SP and Oxide  Betacam or even a DVV5 for Betacam SX recordings. Most anyway you look at it this is a great camera for events or a great camera/recorder package.

When used with the Triax System and the RCPTX7 you can access more control of this camera than any other professional camera Sony has made. I was able to play with it for a while on Touring Video's Truck, and found that I could control all the white and black balances I wanted, along with gamma balance, white shading and matrix painting. This is coupled with the fact you can save some of your settings in the camera for future uses. It's a great little remote panel that is more powerful than the older Sony Broadcast RCP type panels. Even more exciting is the fact that you can use the RCPTX7 as a stand alone remote control for a DXCD30 used for production. I think the more I look at this system, the more I like it. Check it out for yourself! (Comments and opinions are welcome!)

Triax Cables

Some information on maximum cable lengths:

Mohawk 3/8" (9.02mm)

Mohawk 1/2" (12.95mm)

Normal Video + Return Video max =2214ft / 675 m
With Teleprompter max=885 ft / 270m

Normal Video + Return Video max=3690ft / 1125m
With Teleprompter max=1462ft / 450m

Belden 3/8" (9.14mm) 9267

Belden 1/2" (13.20mm) 9232

Normal Video + Return Video max =2214ft / 675m
With Teleprompter max=918ft / 280m

Normal Video +  Return Video max=3690ft / 1125m
With Teleprompter max=1462ft / 450m

Fujikura 3/8" (8.5mm)

Fujikura 5/8" (14.5mm)

Normal Video + Return Video max=2460ft / 750m
With Teleprompter max=984ft / 300m

Normal Video + Return Video max=4920ft / 1500m
With Teleprompter max=1968ft / 600m

NOTES: If you have had your software upgraded, check for the lack of "setup" (pedestal set at 0 IRE), which matrix you are using, SMPTE or EBU, and whether you now have a cross/star filter on position 2 of the filter wheel. This can all be corrected in the engineering/factory setup menus. Have your favorite local tech or Sony technician take care of this for you.

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