The NEW DVW700 Series

An Update on Setup Card Information Below - Hang On To Your Hats!

At NAB 2000, Sony Electronics Broadcast Division showed the DVW707, DVW709(WS) and DVW790(WS). They are all Digital Betacam camcorders, similar to the original DVW700(WS). The DVW707 is a dedicated 4:3 IT Power HAD camera, the DVW709 is a dedicated 16:9 IT Power HAD camera, and the DVW790 is a 16:9 FIT Power HAD camera. All will be using 12 bit
processing similar to the BVP570 camera.

An Update: To be able to use the original BSC-1-F1 Digital Gamma Cards and Setup Cards from the original DVW700 camera, you will need to upgrade your camera "AT" card software to version 1.12 or above. Sony is currently shipping v1.12. This means you can now support the older Digital Gamma Cards - BCS1-F1 kit for the original DVW700 Camcorders, and all your favorite looks from the older cameras! Please feel free to contact your Sony Sales Rep or Sony Factory Service Center for more information. (Please note the upgrade is not "rocket science," so it can be performed int the field by a qualified engineer. It simply requires the replacement of two EPROMS on the main camera board.)board.)

Now that we have seen these new Digital Betacam units close up, we at the Broadcast Camera Support Page have our own opinions regarding these units.  The DVW707 is an IT Chip, 4:3 camera.  We're not sure why this camera was introduced, as we're not convinced that the world is going to stay in the 4:3 mode for much longer. But it is available for those that need a dedicated 4:3 system.  For what it is, it's a great camera.

Our current favorite out of the three camcorders is the DVW709WS.  This is a dedicated 16:9 camcorder with IT image sensors. The features of this and all of the NEW DVW700 series are wonderful for the camera engineer. During our few, brief moments alone with this unit, we were able to determine it has all the original features of the DVW700, plus some other wonderful digital processing features. One of the main features that stood out to all of us, was the ability to adjust the phase and level of each individual vector on the vectorscope while using the DSC SMPTE Color chart. We were able to align each vector to the exact center of each box on the vectorscope. While we can also use the normal A and B matrix tables, we could not get as close to the perfect color as we could with the individual alignments.  The camera also has all the other features one would expect in a Studio camera, such as adjustable gamma curves, and black stretch. Of course flesh tone detail and all the original setups are still there.  

On a side note, we did get a chance to load our new settings onto a BSC1 chip, and the camera recorded them fine on an old D600 chip we had. (This would not have been possible with any of the DNW series or the HDW700A. Once the BSC1 chip has been initialized on a camera type it cannot be used in another type.)  The fact we could do this information copy was a very good sign to us. The only thing we couldn't verify was that we could upload our old DVW700 setups into this camera.  Our understanding at this time is that the BSC1-F1 film look, digital gamma cards DO NOT work in this camera or any of the other NEW DVW series.  As soon as we are able to verify this we will tell you about it here!

We have not seen the DVW790 yet, but based on our information and what we have already seen, if you need a very high end, Digital Betacam camcorder, with a FIT chip set, this is the camera for you. It has all the features mentioned above, plus the all but non existent smear factor of the FIT chip set. We have not seen the actual cost for this unit, but be prepared to pay a premium for the FIT image sensors.

Please feel free to tell us if we have made a mistake in our information or that you have found another feature we missed in our brief look at the DVW709WS.  We promise to update this page with more information as it becomes available!
Camera Dave

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