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T Terms

T Channels: A series of standardized data channels, originally devised to carry digital voice. Includes the T1 and T3 channels.

T1 Channels: In North America, a digital transmission channel carrying data at a rate of 1.544 million bits per second. In Europe, a digital transmission channel carrying data at a rate of 2.048 million bits per second. AT&T term for a digital carrier facility used to transmit a DS-1 formatted digital signal at 1.544 Mbps.

T3: Channels In North America, a digital channel which communicates at 45.304 Mbps. commonly referred to by its service designation of DS-3.

TBC Time Base Corrector: A device used to stabilize a VTR's unstable image. Includes controls for adjusting the brightness, black level, color hue, and color saturation of the video playback.

TCM: Time compression multiplexing: A technique for video storage in which chrominance information is compressed and time multiplexed with the uncompressed luminance signal.

TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol I Internet Protocol. A set of protocols for Layer 3 and 4 of the OSI model that has become a near defacto communications standard.

TDM: Time Division Multiplex: A time-sharing of a transmission channel by assigning each user a dedicated segment of each transmission cycle.

TDMA: Time division multiple access: Uses TDM to allow multiple signal originators to contend for access to use the transmission media

Tearing: A picture condition in which groups of horizontal lines (generally at the top of the picture) are displayed in an irregular manner. Caused by lack of horizontal synchronization.

Terabyte: Billion bytes or 8 billion bits.

Time-stamp: A term that indicates the time of an event.

Tokuren: Product that sold by the Sony sales organization that is not supported by parts, publications, or service. ATR replacement is the only repair alternative.

Tonal Component: A sinusoid-like component of an audio signal.

Transceiver: A terminal that can both transmit and receive data.

Transponder: The electronics of a satellite that receives an uplinked signal from the earth, amplifies it, converts it to a different frequency, and returns it to the earth.

Transport Packet: A data structure used to convey information about the Transport Stream payload. Header

Tree and Branch: Cable system with a network topology in which coaxial cable is tapped (or split) to serve multiple subscribers.

TVRO: Television receiver only, consisting of an antenna, a pre-amplifier, and a satellite receiver. Also refers to the C-band backyard earth station user base.

Twisted Pair: An electrical conductor that consists of two thin copper wires twisted around each other. Used by telephone companies for most subscriber loop installations.

Two-way Cable: A cable TV system with the capacity to conduct signals to the headend as well as System away from it. Two-way or bi-directional systems carry data and full audio and video television signals in either direction.