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Double Happy Discography - Split Enz

Split Enz in their leaky boat

Eddie was one of the core members of New Zealand supergroup Split Enz from their begining in 1974 until their break-up in 1984. In fact, amongst the many line up changes the Split Enz made throughout its life, he and Noel Crombie were the only members that were present on every album. The albums by Split Enz that he was involved with are as follows, click on the link to see the Australian album covers. For full track listings and release details, check out the discography database.

MENTAL NOTES: released 1975. Eddie played keyboards.

SECOND THOUGHTS: released 1976. Keyboards, and one of my personal favourite Enz moments, the piano and spoon duet between Eddie and Noel Crombie on the song The Woman Who Loves You.

DIZRYTHMIA: released 1977. Keyboards and co-writting credits on the tracks Parrot Fashion Love, Nice To Know and Jamboree.

FRENZY: released 1979. Keyboards and writing credits on Marooned, co-writing on Frenzy and Abu Dhabi.

TRUE COLOURS: released 1980. He played keyboards and wrote the track Double Happy, the song that this site is named after, and another of my personal favourites.

WAIATA/CORROBOREE: released 1981. Keyboards and vocals, plus he wrote the songs Wail and Albert of India.

TIME AND TIDE: released 1982. He does keyboards and percussion and wrote the track Pioneer.

CONFLICTING EMOTIONS: released 1983. Eddie plays keyboards, machines and is a producer.

SEE YA ROUND: released 1984. Keyboards, backing vocals, writing credits on The Lost Cat and co-writing on Years Go By.

THE LIVING ENZ: released 1985. This is various live performances by Split Enz. Eddie does keyboards, backing vocals and is a producer.

ANIVERSARY: released 1994. Live performances from the Split Enz 20th Aniversary shows. Instruments are not specified, by it can be assumed that Eddie does keyboards and backing vocals. He was also a producer on this.

ENZ OF AN ERA & HISTORY NEVER REPEATS: released 1982 and 1989 respectivly. Both of these are best of albums. Eddie appears on all tracks.

SPELLBOUND: released 1997. Another best of, except this one has had all tracks remastered by Eddie, and it is a double CD.


Another Great Divide co-written with Phil Judd and Tim Finn
Firedrill co-written with Neil Finn, B-side from Six Months In A Leaky Boat single
Over Drive an Eddie Rayner instrumental, B-side of I Walk Away
Mr. Catalyst co-written with Tim Finn, unreleased demo


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