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Double Happy Discography - The Makers

The Makers: Brian & Eddie

The Makers were Eddie Rayner and Brian Baker. They released two albums, plus they recorded the soundtrack for the movie Rikky and Pete. Album covers can be seen by clicking on the links.

THE MAKERS: released on the Mana label in 1990. All songs were written by Eddie Rayner and Brian Baker, also produced by them too. Eddie plays all of the keyboards for this. The singles from this album were Big Picture, New Kind of Blue and Daylight.

Track listing
1. Big Picture
2. New Kind Of Blue
3. Open Windows
4. One Mistake
5. The Puzzle
6. Heading Home
7. Waiting For The Rain
8. Green
9. Daylight
10. Animal Wheels
11. Simple Things

HOKEY POKEY: the second Makers LP, released in 1992. Singles from this album were Perfect Crime and From Now On.


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