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Double Happy Discography - Enzso & Enzso 2

Enzso album cover Enzso 2 album cover


Enzso 2 was released in New Zealand on Friday 30th of October 1998, and features the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Eddie Rayner, Noel Crombie, Boh Runga, Jon Stevens, Margaret Urlich, Sam Hunt, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and everyones favourite Dave Dobbyn.
Already there are some rumours about a tour, but they are unconfirmed right now.

Track Listing
1. Pioneer (instrumental)
2. Six Months in a Leaky Boat (instrumental)
3. History Never Repeats (Jon Stevens)
4. One Step Ahead (Boh Runga)
5. The Devil You Know (Dave Dobbyn)
6. Shark Attack (Sam Hunt)
7. I Walk Away (Jon Stevens)
8. Semi Detached (Margaret Urlich)
9. Maybe (Dave Dobbyn)
10. Bon Voyage (Dame Kiri Te Kanawa)
11. Frenzy (Instrumental)

This is what the release details said:

One of the most successful local albums of the decade was the ENZSO project. Now at 50,000 copies, and 200,000 albums worldwide. ENZSO 2 will be no different. the only difference is, that this record runs more consistently, sounds better and is all round a stronger and more balanced collection of music.
Due to demand and the quality of the existing Enz songs, a number of major New Zealand artists have been enlisted to complete this fabulous project. the likes of Jon Stevens, Bic Runga, Dave Dobbyn, Sam Hunt, Margaret Urlich and Kiri Te Kanawa complete this moving selection of Enz songs.

No release dates yet for the rest of the world, but for now non-NZers can order the cd through the reputable netCD if you really can't wait.

For those interested, here is a very comprehensive review of the album by Jon-Paul Hansen, and special thanks to him for letting me use this.


Enzso is some of Split Enz greatest songs performed by vocalists, a choir and a symphony orchestra. All of the arrangments for this project were done by Eddie, who came up with the idea of Enzso and who was also a producer and played piano for all the songs. The symphony orchestra used was The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the choir was The New Zealand National Youth Choir (Te Roopu Rangatahi Waiata o Aotearoa) and the vocalsits were Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Dave Dobbyn, Sam Hunt and Annie Crummer. A guest apperence was also made by Noel Crombie on the spoons. The album was released in 1996 on Epic/Sony (in Australia 483870.9).

Australian track listing
1. Poor Boy (lead vocal Dave Dobbyn)
2. Message To My Girl (lead vocal Neil Finn)
3. I Hope I Never (lead vocal Annie Crummer)
4. Straight Old Line (lead vocal Neil Finn, spoon solo Noel Crombie)
5. Stuff N' Nonsense (lead vocal Neil Finn)
6. Albert Of India (piano solo Eddie Rayner)
7. My Mistake (lead vocal Dave Dobbyn)
8. Voices (lead vocal Neil Finn)
9. I See Red (lead vocal Tim Finn)
10. Under The Wheel (lead vocal Sam Hunt)
11. Dirty Creature (lead vocal Tim Finn)
12. Stranger Than Fiction (lead vocal Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Sam Hunt)
13. Time For A Change (lead vocal Tim Finn)

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