Har Eitan, Makom Shalom
The Mt. of Strength and Place of Peace

            A wolf-hybrid lays down with a lamb on the Mt. of Strength

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"Turning Swords into Plowshares..."   in Jerusalem

Middle Eastern challenges call for new vision and creative solutions to protect and integrate the physical, mental and social systems upon which all life depends. These challenges provide a unique opportunity for people in this region to work together to create an ecologically-sound and sustainable future.

In response, we are proposing a unique International Community Center which will encourage human and environmental cooperation; for multi-cultural cooperation and an appreciation for the deeply rooted values inherent in this region are fundamental to a meaningful peace process...


The enemy is ignorance, in the form of prejudice, laziness, greed and fear! By investing some energy in the form of education and positive, interactive role-modeling, we can play a big part in dispelling ignorance and thereby facilitate wholistic peace and health throughout this beautiful planet.


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