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Brandon Banner

Brandon with Guitar
Brandon Lee (02/01/1965-03/31/1993)
9 Years Later

Brandon Lee was born on Februrary 1,1965 in Oakland, California. He of course was the son of the late great Martial Artist Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee died of a brain edema on July 20, 1973 when Brandon was only 9 Years Old. His Unbelievable Fighting Abilities as well as Actorial efforts highlighted a short ,but successful career.

For Brandon at times it must have been a struggle to be the son of the legendary Bruce Lee. Critics would often focus on this point rather than Brandonís ambition and drive to be a great actor. The following quote is from Brandon. ďIíve done my work and Iím happy with it... I respect my father very much, but Iím a very different person than he was.Ē Brandon and his fiancee, Eliza Hutton were to have been married after wrapping up the Crow. Sadly with end of production only two weeks away, an uncleaned prop gun, which apparently had a lodged shell stuck in the barrel, was fired by actor Michael Massee (Funboy) at Brandon during one of the flashback scenes.The crew continued shooting the scene, until they realized something was wrong. He was bleeding badly from the abdomen and later died. His wedding with Eliza was scheduled for April 17, 1993. Despite this, The Crow was later finished with spectacular state of the art special effects and was dedicated in Brandon's and Eliza's honor.

Movie Credits Include:

The Crow - 1994 (Eric Draven)
Rapid Fire - 1992 (Jake Lo)
Showdown in Little Tokyo - 1991 (Johnny Murata)
Laser Mission (aka Soldier of Fortune) - 1990 (Michael Gold)
Kung Fu: The Next Generation - 1987 (Johnny Caine)
Legacy of Rage - 1986
Kung Fu the Movie - 1986 (Chung Wang)

Quotes For Brandon

Alex Proyas -"Brandon had put his heart into his character-he really cared about this film and wanted it to be something special. I think that shows. There will always be a lot of justifiable anger over Brandon's death, but there is one glimmer of optimism here-the film itself-Brandon's film. In years to come people will still be as dazzled by his brilliance as we were." (04/11/94)

Ed Pressman-"I felt compelled to finish this work to preserve Brandon's legacy, the incredible performance he'd given."

Did You Know?

• Brandon Lee was to be casted in the first Mortal Kombat as Johnny Cage!

• He refused the role of playing his father in the film Dragon:A Bruce Lee Story.

• He made a Guest Appearance in the 1987 Television Show Ohara which also starred Pat Morita (Myagi) and The Crow's own Jon Polito.

Brandon and Bruce Lee's Graves

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Brandon's Final Interview

The Accident Report

Brandon Lee Images

Cool Pose on Bike
Flashback Scene from The Crow
Doing a Little Exercise
Entertainment Cover of Last Interview
Showdown in Little Tokyo Movie Cover
Brandon Tribute Picture (7 Years)
Rapid Fire Promo
Brandon Lee and fiancee' Eliza Hutton
Brandon Lee playing with cat
Brandon on set with Alex Proyas
Brandon Smiling
Laser Mission Movie Cover

A Life Worth Remembering

...Childhood Memories......
"I don't know if I was destined to play this role, but I feel very fortunate to be doing so"
-Brandon Lee

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee:Brandon's Legendary Father

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