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  • Crow News

    Updated News 11/30/00
    Alex Proyas Launches MysteryClock.com

    The following is an email I recieved from the good people at Mysteryclock.com, Alex Proyas', director of Dark City and of course The Crow, Official Website for his production company:

    Dear Suicide King

    Alex Proyas now has his website up and running: www.mysteryclock.com.

    It has features on his past feature films including ³The Crow² and features images not seen before and some of alex¹s actual filming script, along with Art work and other special gifts.

    Go visit it and also if you want to add a link to the site on your web page Alex is very happy for you to do so.

    Best Regards


  • Thanks to mail@mysteryclock.com.

    The Crow Work Print

    There were rumours of a tape with the original Crow-version, the Director's cut, the version with the Skullcowboy. MOST of the rumours were true! There IS a tape there, only very few people have seen it ... it is not really a Director's Cut, the scenes of the Skullcowboy are missing, BUT it contains MUCH longer dialogues, different cuts of scenes, different lines sometimes, and even a different MEANING !!! check out http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/nuthgeb/neverseen/start.html for more info.

  • Thanks to Alex Corven.

    The Crow Salvation Straight to Video Release 01/23/01

    Salvation Shall be Released to Video

    Well folks looks like Miramax (Profitmax) shall forgo The Crow 3 Salvation to theaters and instead option to throw it straight to video. Miramax has instead decided to concentrate on The Crow 4:Lazarus due to DMX's (What a Crock) recent addition to the role of The Crow. The Crow 3 shall be released to a Video Store near you January 23, 2001 , a few days after the president inagauration. If you want to help boycott Miramax Films please visit http://boycott.crowfans.com/.

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  • The Crow Salvation

    Eric Mabius (The Next Crow) Kirsten Dunst (Erin Randell)

    The Third Crow film stars up and coming actor Eric Mabius(I shot Andy Warhol,Lawn Dogs) as Alex Corvis and Kirsten Dunst (Interview with The Vampire) will play Erin Randall, the sister of a murdered woman who teams up with Corvis to solve the mystery of the murder.British Director Bharat Nalluri (Killing Time) will direct this next saga with a screenplay adaptaion from Chip Johannsen (Millenium).Production Began February 15th and the cost of production was be in the neighborhood of 25 Million$.

    The Plot:

    A young man named Alex Corvis is wrongly convicted for the murder of a young woman, and is executed for the crime. However, the call of justice brings Alex Back as the newest incarnation of the Crow. After his rebirth Alex meets Erin Randall, the sister of the murdered woman, and together they seek their common goal of retribution.

  • Kirsten Dunst.... Erin Randall
  • Eric Mabius....The Crow (Alex Corvis)
  • Jodi Lynn O'Keefe....Lauren Randall (Sister)
  • Fred Ward ....Captain (Crooked Captain)
  • Grant Shaud....Corvis' Attorney (Walsh)
  • William Atherton....Nathan Randall (Father)
  • David Stevens (IV)....Tommy Leonard (Cop)
  • Walt Goggins....Toomey (Cop)
  • Bruce McCarthy....Madden
  • Kelly Harren....Secretary
  • Dale Midkiff....????
  • Tim DeKay....????
  • Bill Mondy....????
  • Debbie Fan....????
  • ????....Erlich (Crooked Cop)
  • ????....Phillip Dutton (Crooked Cop)
  • ????....Larkin (Crooked Cop)
  • ????....Mercer (Prison Guard)

    Film Crew:
  • Bharat Nalluri....Director
  • Matt Greenburg....Story/Co-Producer
  • Chip Johannessen....Adaptation
  • Ed Pressman and Jeff Most....Producers
  • Harvey Weinstien.... Executive Producer
  • Moritz Borman.... Executive Producer
  • Chris Sievernich.... Executive Producer
  • Bob Weinstein.... Executive Producer
  • Gregory Woertz.... Associate Producer
  • Carolyn Chen.... Cinematographer
  • Maia Javan.... Production Designer
  • Dave Halls.... 1st Assistant Director second unit + 2nd assistant director
  • Gary Paul.... 2nd unit director
  • Chris Aysta.... Costume Designer
  • Marielos Pantelakis.... Costume Designer
  • Dennis Zerull..... Utility Stunts
  • Robin Mulcahy .... Production Supervisor
  • Russell D. Markowitz.... Production Manager
  • Luis Colina.... Editor
  • Howard E. Smith.... Editor
  • Andrew Seklir.... Assistant-Editor
  • Marc Fishman..... Sound Re-recording Mixer
  • Lisle Engle ..... Sound Designer
  • Marc Fishman..... Sound Re-Recording Mixer
  • Stephen Tibbo..... Sound Mixer: Reshoots
  • Bill Cochran..... Special Effects Reshoots:Pyrotechnician
  • Roger Nall..... Visual Effects
  • Thomas C. Rainone..... Special Effects Co-ordinator
  • Doyle Rockwell..... Visual Effects

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Release Date:
    March 30, 2001 Straight to Video/DVD Release By Quadra Entertainment / Dimension Films / Pacifica Film Distribution

    Production Companies:
  • Fallen Bird Productions, Inc.
  • IMF Pictures
  • Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation

  • Formerly known as The Crow 2037.
  • Original Director was supposed to be solo artist and former White Zombie frontman Rob Zombie.

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