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    James O'Barr

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  • Waking Nightmares
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    James O'Barr conceptualized The Crow in the early '80s as a response to a personal tragedy. A self-taught artist, O'Barr first began the series while in the Marines stationed in Germany, where he was on loan to the Army illustrating hand-to-hand combat manuals. Inspired by such diverse sources as the works of French poets George Bataille and Anton Artaud, the music of punk artists Ian Curtis and Iggy Pop, and the stories of Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan Poe, James O'Barr conceived the character of The Crow as a supernatural force driven by equal parts of love and revenge.O'Barr credits his distinctive visual style to studying classical Renaissance sculpture, film noir, and his two years of medical training. He currently lives in the Detroit area where he is working on a new graphic novel and screenplay entitled Gothik (to be made into a feature film produced by Jeff Most).

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  • Updated 03/27/00

    Crow Director On Razor Movie

    Bharat Nalluri, who directed the forthcoming The Crow: Salvation, is said to be involved with the big-screen version of Everette Hartsoe's Razor. A communiqué from Everette Hartsoe Productions reveals that Nalluri has written a new treatment for the movie. Furthermore Paul Anderson (Mortal Kombat, Deathrace 3000) may direct.

    Another Hartsoe comic creation, Poizon has been pitched to Apix for a direct to video franchise.

    Hartsoe himself has written a screenplay based on the comic book Hell Mary. He'll serve as director on what is described as a "dark vampire feature." Filming begins in June of this year.

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    order the crow dead time comic
    the crow:dead time (1996)
    Written By: John Wagner, Alexander Maleev, James O'Barr, N. C. Christopher Couch (editor)

    order the crow flesh and blood comic
    the crow:flesh and blood (1996)
    Written By: James Vance, J. O'Barr

    order the official crow graphic novel
    the crow comic (1991)
    Written By: James O'Barr

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    the crow toy
    Created By: Todd Mcfarlane
    * The Crow:Believe In Angels *