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  • J.Obarr's The Crow Presents:
    The Crow(1999)
    Based on the story of Eric Draven
    Published By:Image Comics
    Licensed By:Top Dollar Comics
    "True Love The Only Thing Worth Living For"-J.O'Barr

    The Crow#1 Resurrection    Click for larger Pic of Crow#1 Resurrection    The Crow#2 Shadows


    [From Crow #1] [Crow #8 Cover] [Crow #9 Cover]

    Spawn Mastermind/Korn cover Artist/Pearl Jam Video Director Todd Mcfarlane has signed James O'Barr to his production label to do the next Crow Comic.This all-new series is written by Jon J Muth and focuses on the popular Eric Draven character. Each story arc will be drawn by a different artist, with the first three issues being handled by Jamie Tolagson. The first six issues of the series have covers by Kent Williams and the first issue has a special variant cover by Todd McFarlane. Issue #1 is in stores as of February 10, 1999 and retails for $2.50.It is published by Image Comics

  • Story By:John J. Muth
  • Pencils/Inks By:Jamie Tolagson
  • Lettering By:Richard Starkings of Comicraft
  • Color By:Mark Nicholas
  • Cover#1:Kent Williams
  • Variant Cover#1:Todd Mcfarlane

    1999 Todd Mcfarlane Productions


  • John J. Muth (Horror Online) Interview

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  • order the crow dead time comic
    the crow:dead time (1996)
    Written By: John Wagner, Alexander Maleev, James O'Barr, N. C. Christopher Couch (editor)

    order the crow flesh and blood comic
    the crow:flesh and blood (1996)
    Written By: James Vance, J. O'Barr

    order the official crow graphic novel
    the crow comic (1991)
    Written By: James O'Barr

    click to zoom in click to zoom in
    the crow toy
    Created By: Todd Mcfarlane
    * The Crow:Believe In Angels *